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Charles Coulson <> <>
28. September 2015 um 10:02

It is true you were not expecting this email from me and it may reach you as a very big surprise, but I really mean well for both of us.

It is actually about this fund left with our bank that you can legally inherit. The original owner (now deceased) was originally from your country and had something in common with you.

Before this huge sum of money is lost forever, I will like to provide you with details on how you can lawfully proceed to claim it. It is entirely risk free.

I await your reply.

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Re: Charles Coulson <> <>
Antwort #1 - 28. September 2015 um 13:15
Der Müll kommt über die Spam-Schleuder Unified Layer aus Utah.

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Re: Charles Coulson <> <>
Antwort #2 - 10. Oktober 2015 um 15:23
Hello xxx, Thank you for your mail.I deeply appreciate your response and look forward
to working with yousuccessfully in this legal project. I apologize for my late reply. It
was my wife, Linda, she was sick and we needed to go away for treatment. She has cancer.
I am sure the followingdetails shall explain what I want you and I to do together. I am
also convincedyou shall find answers to all your questions and many more you may
have. First, let me begin byintroducing myself. I am an Auditor with Bank of Scotland,
Lancashire,Glasgow. In the course of our auditing we discovered an account that hasnot
been operational since 2009, after the initial deposit was made. Thisaccount was opened in
our head offices in Edinburgh. After thoroughinvestigation, we discovered that the owner
of the account, Mr. xxx diedin a fatal car crash on November 22, 2010 in
Alicante, Spain. All effort tolocate members of his family has proved abortive. It is in
thiscircumstance that I have selected you to partner with me so that I can presentyou as
the next of kin since you and our late client come from the same countryso that both of us
can work together for the transfer of these funds to yourbank for the mutual benefit of
both parties. The total amount securedis £9,250,000.00 (Nine Million, Two Hundred and
Fifty Thousand Pounds) and I amwilling to share it with you equally; that is, fifty
percent for me and fiftypercent for you. Further to theabove, kindly find below the
necessary procedures required for therealization of this transaction. We shall employ
theservices of Bank of Scotland accredited Lawyer that would represent theinterest of both
parties, just to be ensure that everything is done legally. The lawyer shall see tothe
legal process of the transfer of rights and privileges certificate or theissuance of
Letters of Administration by the Probate Registry, depending, ofcourse, on which would be
a requirement by Bank of Scotland. This is to ensurelegal transfer of all documents to
your name as the new Benefactor to thedeposited funds here at the Bank. The change
ofbeneficiary and transfer of rights and privileges shall give you the legalstatus to
receive the funds in your Bank account for us without beingquestioned by your Bank and
your country's financial authorities. Upontransfer of beneficiary to your name, the
attorney shall apply to Bank ofScotland for necessary approvals from the Board of
Directors for the FundRelease Order and subsequent transfer of our funds to your Bank
account for us. I will require yourconfirmation on the aforementioned procedure before I
can send theBeneficiary's Claims Application Form to you by E-mail attachment for
yourcompletion. You will be required tocomplete the Form and Fax back to the Admin
Department for their routineprocessing and subsequent approvals to authorize transfer of
the funds to yourBank account for us.  Please feel free to seekfurther clarification and I
will oblige you. I await yourconfirmation as I look forwardto a fruitful business
relationship with you. With friendly greetings,
Charles Coulson

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Re: Charles Coulson <> <>
Antwort #3 - 11. Oktober 2015 um 09:17
seiko schrieb on 28. September 2015 um 10:02:
Before this huge sum of money is lost forever

Da merkt man das der Typ keine Ahnung vom Erbrecht hat. Eine Erbschaft geht erst nach frühestens 30 Jahren an den Staat über also hat er noch 25 Jahre Zeit dieser Amateur soll besser mal Jura Studieren als irgendeinen Müll zu schreiben. Ich kenne das Erbrecht besser als manch ein Anderer ich habe bereits zweimal geerbt und kenne die Abläufe bestens. Lippen versiegelt
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