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Elnira <>
28. November 2012 um 11:01
Hello xxxx! How are you? I hope, that you have time to send me some
more messages. Now I would like to tell you some more details about
myself. I'm 26. My birthday is 15 of November, my name is Elnira.
I live in Azerbaijan, in a city of Baku! It's not Russia, it's other country.
My country Azerbaijan is on the bank of Caspian sea. In our country of the population about 8 million persons.
Many people do not know this country. My country is between Russia and Iran.
Recently in my country there was a competition the Eurovision. 
Now I live in the apartment of my parents. 
I was married about one year, but we had different religions. 
I am Christian, and he was the Moslem and he wanted that I have accepted his religion. 
But I have not wanted to make it, I want that me perceived such what I am. 
Our country Muslim, but I'm the Christian. . 
Since I graduate from college I have been working in shop of clothes as the seller .
When I have spare time I am go the gym to do sports because
I take care of my body. I like to travel and visit different places,
but my work does not allow me to do it frequently. I never was abroad. I have many
friends, we spend the time together, play billiard, tennis,
and have other entertainment. I send you my picture so you can an idea
of me more closely. What else can I say to you about myself? I love
beautiful clothes and different things of light colours. Light-blue, pink, beige
and other plain colours make me relax and even feel better. And what is
your favourite colour? Please ask me some more interesting things about
yourself. How do you prefer to relax? What is your character? 
What is your preferable qualities in women? Do you want to have a wife?
You can also ask me questions in what you are interested in.
I impatiently wait for your letter and eager to answer all your letter.
And of course it will be pleasant  for me to receive your new photos 
and even want to learn about you some more information you. 
Write to me, I will wait. 
Your friend Elnira.

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Antwort #1 - 28. November 2012 um 11:35

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Re: Elnira <>
Antwort #2 - 28. November 2012 um 11:46
Anfang des Jahres hieß sie noch Elnura. Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend

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Elnura <> <> <>

franzhup schrieb on 28. November 2012 um 11:01:
I live in Azerbaijan, in a city of Baku! It's not Russia, it's other country.

Und liefert aber trotzdem mobil über Russland ein.

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