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Natalya <>
24. April 2011 um 14:47
Hi my love xxxxx!
How are you? I'm all good!
I always get very happy when they receive your warm letter!
Every day, your letters make me happier.
My friends are glad that I found happiness with you.
They are glad that I met such a nice person like you!
Now they also want to find the same prince as you:)
My dear, I think about how to come visit you! I very much want our meeting!
What do you think about this? Could you take me?
I'll look forward to your letters!
I love you madly in xxxxx!
Love and kisses.
Your Natalya.

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 12:35:43 +0400
Subject: Re: Enjoy your time at my place!!!

Hi my love xxxxx!!!
I am very happy to read your letter, your letters brought me many good mood!
When I read your letters, then it seems to me that we are very close ...
My dear I am always honest with you, why do not I deceive you! I do not Olga! And I want a serious relationship with you!
xxxxx, Very tired from loneliness, I really want to be with you, I await the day with impatience.
I want to spend my days with you, want to be with you in weal and woe.
I would like to be your wife!
I am dying to you, I want to kiss your body I want to be your full.
I know that we can not live without each other.
We need each other as the sun is necessary for the day, the stars are needed for the night ....
My dear, I very much want our meeting, our relationship and our happiness. I know that my love for you will live forever and will not be lost than ever.
Our love can live and then when we are very far, as now, but it is so painful for me.
All my dreams and desires just about being together ...
Every day for me is becoming harder and harder.
My dear I am glad that you can not refuse to help me! My darling I'm ready to come to you right now! Are you ready to meet me now, do you want that I came to you in the nearest future! My dear, I can organize a trip for you right now, and after two weeks we'll be together! Just me on this must be the money!
I finish my letter and look forward to your beautiful letters.
I love you, your Natalya 

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:42:41 +0400
To: xxxxxx
Subject: Re: What name you would like best for a girl?!

My love xxxxx, 
I feel very happy woman! 
xxxxxx, Your letters give me great happiness and filled my heart with love! 
Reading your letters, I get a huge portion of love that intoxicates me happy! 
I have no idea what will happen when the day of our meeting. 
It would be nice to meet you in Germany! My dear I now must begin to prepare documents for the trip! I learned that the trip to Germany will cost me about 1000 euros! My dear you can help me with this sum? My dear to start making the documents better now, because it only takes a few weeks! Can you send me the money in those days that I began to prepare the documents? 
I so want our soon! 
My heart jump with excitement that I will ever experience. 
When I read your letters, it is beginning to beat faster and the distance with each passing day becomes unbearable. 
I think every passing day, which brings us closer to our meeting. 
Every night I dream of you in my dreams. It seems to me that you're very close, but when I open my eyes, I am very sad that this is just a dream. 
My xxxxx, I just write you letters sent to you from my heart and soul. 
Today I am again thinking only of you, I could not think 
My xxxxx, today we have a very good and warm weather. 
When I came, I saw a couple in love walking around town holding hands. 
I felt very sad that we are very far apart and we can not just take a walk together in this romantic weather. 
My knight, I'm very hard to wait for that happy day when you save me from loneliness. 
I finish my letter and look forward to your beautiful letters, filled with love, that help me survive the difficult isolation. 
I love you, Natalya  

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 10:31:52 +0400
To: xxxxx
Subject: Re: Where do you want to meet me?

My dear it's all hoax! How can you believe such nonsense? My dear please do not do stupid things! I want you to be in place! And you still have not answered me properly to my letter! I am very sorry that you were so holatno treat everything ... 

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 13:03:40 +0400
To: xxxxx
Subject: Re: Where do you want to meet me?


My dear, excuse, I am simple all haven't correctly understood in the beginning! Now my darling I understand all! It is not a pity that we can meet you in Germany, but we can be together in Prague! My darling you will be in Prague after May, 15th? Then I should do documents for visiting of Prague already now! As I already spoke preparation of documents will occupy a lot of time! I would want that they were ready by May, 15th! My dear darling I once again ask you you can help me with money for a trip?? Because it will be already necessary to pay for travel now! I wait for fast your letter! I would like to be with you! I love you mine expensively!

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 14:28:53 +0400
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Whats about the last email, Natalya?

My dear! I am glad that 25.05 only 2011, instead of 2010 =) We will be together =) My dear, now 2011 =) And you have written 2010 =) It so funny =) I too think that I live till now in 2010! My dear I the rajah that I can to be on May, 25th at last that with you! Mine I haven't got used to luxury, and me absolutely to what a gold shower or that that similar! My dear to me of enough simple number in hotel! Wash darling certainly as I will arrive to Prague I will write you the name of hotel and room number! My darling but to begin with as I to you already spoke to me it is necessary to prepare all documents and it will cost 980 euros! You can help me with this sum my darling? 

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:48:40 +0400
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Hotel for the night?

Hello my dear! How is your day! I hope today you have a wonderful mood! Today is Easter, I hope you have a great time! My dear these days I really miss you my good! I'd love to see you soon hug! It is a pity that you could not write more letters to me yesterday and wrote a letter to him today! I've been waiting on you good news! My dear, I'm looking forward to the day of our meeting, I want to hurry to be with you, I want to kiss you, I want to hug you and hold the hand! I want to cuddle up to your body and be with you! I want to wake up with you in bed! And I hope that soon all this will be so! It's so cute? You probably also want to see me? Every day I'm only thinking about you you're in my thoughts and do not leave me for a minute! I want to have all of my ideas become a reality! I love you my darling! I wish you a good Easter! I'm waiting for a letter from you! Madly in love you my dear xxxx! Forever yours Natalya!

Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 11:13:13 +0400
Subject: Re: Hotel for the night?

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