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Jasmine <> <>
09. September 2010 um 07:29
I’m truly glad that I write this letter to you. It’s great that you filled-in your email address on one of the dating sites. But only this time I can answer you. I’m sorry for this. But presently I have a possibility to have an access to computer any time. It’s something original for me to communicate by Internet and I’m not very good in it, but I think we could know each other better.

Before we start our relations I‘d like to know if you have a girlfriend or a wife? If you are not alone I have to ask not to write me any more and not to write rude things. Please don’t lie to me! But if you live alone and you are seeking serious relations then I want to ask you to write some words to me. Because I’m seeking my second half for this life. 

I wish you are the honest man and it would be nice to communicate with you. It’s very interesting to know more about you. I want to know what is your favorite pastime, what music and films you like more, I want to know about your relatives, your city and everything. I want to ask you a lot of things, but we must not rush things. But anyway I want to write some words about myself. I live in great country Azerbaidjan, in Akshu city not far from capital. I’m 28  years old and I’m still alone. I‘ll tell you the reason of this if you are interested in it. I don’t have children and I don’t have any relations with any man. I’m honest with you.

What I want at this moment is to find a good man worthy of me who would love and care about me. I don’t care about your age, hair color and anything in your look. Your inner world and your soul is much more important for me. 

If you are interested in my person I want you to reply to me. But never ask me to send you my nude photos. I’ll never do it. I want us send only worthy letters to each other and share our photos. 

I attach one of my photos to this mail. Now I’m in good temper because I had a change to write you a few words. Now I’m waiting only for your reply Jasmine.

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