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Re: Eva <>
Antwort #10 - 29. September 2008 um 17:25
@ outerspace

Wie alt ist denn die Kleine überhaupt? Sieht mir noch recht frisch und unverbraucht aus. 
Kommt mir vor, als wenn sie erst 16-17 Jahre ist. Dafür stellt sie ihre Möpse aber ganz schön zur Schau.
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Re: Eva <>
Antwort #11 - 29. September 2008 um 18:44
@ Rais

... angeblich 29  Laut lachend 
Ein Nacktfoto von Ihr wäre noch toll  Augenrollen
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Re: Eva <>
Antwort #12 - 02. Oktober 2008 um 17:39
Hallo an alle der Forumgemeinde, ich bin neu, komme aus Italien und entschuldige mich ab sofort für eventuelle Fehler im Text.
Bin nicht perfekt in Deutsch. Hatte das gleiche Problem mit der hübschen Eva... angeblich will Sie jetzt nach Italien kommen 
und ich soll ihr 900 Euros schicken 
...hier der Text, in englisch:

"Hello, my love, my beloved person Alex!!!
I dare say that I cannot imagine my life without you. Oh, darling, I love you so much. You are the very person I have been
looking for all my life!
I want so much to hug you in my arms and to say to you: " I love you!!! "
All what I need in my life is connected with you. I hope that very soon we'll be together and all my dreams will become
My darling, before going to the travel agency I consulted to my boss. He said to me that he has some acquaintances in one
of travel agencies of our city. So I went to the agency my chief has advised to me and I talked to the manager there. He
told me that there are not great problems with going abroad, that I will be able to get all the necessary documents without
Oh, darling, my pleasure was so great; we'll be together so soon!
Also the manager explained to me what documents I must have for coming to you Milano:
So, baby, I need:
the total taxes: 150 euros (it's the obligatory taxes for everybody who goes abroad)
the international passport: 200 euros (it's obligatory for traveling)
the tourist visa 330 euros (it's given for three months)
two-way air tickets 680 euros (I need two-way air tickets because I come to you by the tourist visa)
fuel taxes 50 euros (this taxes is paid by everyone who buys tickets for the air flight)
the insurance 270 euros (it's obligatory for everybody who goes abroad. It's connected with the terrorism, accidents. In
the case of some accident I will get money.)
Oh darling for making all the documents I need 1680 euros... Alex my love I have holiday and the given money 300 euros! I
have handed over the gold ornaments in a pawnshop and have received 300 euros. I borrowed money my  friends 200
euros! My angel I would like to spend this money for trip to you in Milano.
My darling, without your help I will not be able to come to you Milano!!! Alex it is very a shame to me but to me any more
whom to ask the help I ask to you you can help me 900 euros?. What I could pay all my documents and arrive in Milano?
Darling, I promise to do all my best for coming to you, I promise to do everything that depends on me....
I am very sure in my choice. Alex I fly in heavens of that my dreams come true.
Now everything depends on us. It's up to us to create our fate!
Before having met you I thought that love is only stories, and that tere is not love in the world, that family happiness
does not exist in the world.
I know that will not miss this chance, I do not want to regret all my life about my lost love! I want only you to be next
to me, I want us to be next to each other, to love each other and to create our family!
Now everything depends only on us, that's up to us to create our destiny!
I want very much come to you, but I cannot do it without your help.....
Darling I wait for your letter with impatience.
Tell me your opinion about our meeting.
I love you so much!!!
Great and hot kisses to you, Alex!!!
Your love, Eva."

Was denkt Ihr, SCAM pur oder? Augenrollen
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Re: Eva <>
Antwort #13 - 08. September 2018 um 18:00
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