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Pamela Elisa <>
02. September 2008 um 20:20
Mitglieds Vorname  philippine  
Mitglieds Nachname  lani  
Geburtstag  Feb/11/1963  
Sternzeichen  Wassermann  
Geschlecht  weiblich  
Beziehungsart  Freundschaft  
Staat  Vereinigten Staaten  
Stadt  philadelphia  
Persönlicher Status  Single  
Kinder  keine  
Größe  152cm  
Gewicht  63kg  
Haarfarbe  Schwarz  
Augenfarbe  Braun  
Typ  Asiatisch  
Religion  Protestant  
Rauchen  Nichtraucher/In  
Trinken  Trinkt gerne  
Schulbildung  Studium  
Beruf  self employed  
Hobby  camping  
Über  i am a sweet loving filipina that is filled to the brim with love and looking for the right vessel to invest all of this love


I am Pamela Elisa Lugares personal assistance and mistress of the former controller of the philippine Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia; who was charged with corruption and some other allegations but now courtmartialled and in house arrest.
I want you to help me pick up a package that is already in the Ivory Coast. This package which contain US$12 million was conveyed from here in Philippine through an accreditted diplomatic courrier company to where it is at the moment. The courrier company did not know it actual content since it was declared to them as family treasures through a special
kindly reply immediately to with the underlisted information showing your willingness:
1. Name and address.
2. Direct Telephone and fax numbers.
3. Age and occupation.
I shall provide you with more details as i wait for your quick response to 
Best regards,
Pamela Elisa Lugares 

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Re: Pamela Elisa <>
Antwort #1 - 02. September 2008 um 22:08
Kommt doch von Afrika. Keine Bilder, aber ein Dokument.

Dear XXXXX, 
Thank you immensely for your urgent response to my mail with all details fully understood. As requested,i need your assistance with respect the proposal that i sent to you for the successful claim of the metallic trunk box that is containing the $12 million in question which is deposited under the custody of the security company as earlier explained in my mail.
There will absolutely be great doubt and distrust in your heart in respect of my Emails, coupled with the fact that so many imposters have taken possession of the Internet to facilitate their fraudulous deeds, hereby making it extremely difficult for genuine purposes. However, i am going to give you all the necessary details to permit you contact the security company today for verification and the claim of the box in question. 
As mentioned in my proposal, i have worked and had personal relationship with Major General Carlos Garcia until the recent scandal cases that was alleged on him which led to his courtmartial. 
In the heat of the whole court cases and questioning, some amount of money that was kept under my custody which was suppose to be transfered to a foreign bank account was shipped through a diplomatic mission to the ivory coast since there is no means of having it carried out through a bank transfer without trace and we cannot keep it with us here in philippine either, so the shipment was the best option at that time.
Now, what i need from you is not your bank account details or some thing of that sort but your sincerity competency to handle this business and will not betray the trust that i am about confiding in you regards my condition. i am sending to you the depository information issued to me on the day of deposit of the box in the custody of the company for your perusal in order for you to contact the company with the telephone number 0022547155414 but you should follow the directives above so that we can successfully claim the consignment from the custody of the security company since this is the only hope i have so i will not want anything nor person to jeopardise it . 
This will enable you contact the security company so that you can give them your address which they will deliver the consignment ( the box). You might be thinking that this is a joke or something of that sort but after you have contacted the security company to verify all i have told you then you will be totally convinced and indeed wipe away all doubt from your mind.
To this effect, in the course of you contacting the company i will not want a situation where by you will abandon me in the midway of the transaction or you tell the security company the exact content of the box or package to be money because they only know it to contain family treasures OK? As soon as this is done the security company will use their diplomatic shipping service to deliver the consignment to your address within the next 48 hours of contact, for security purpose i have laid down some instruction with the security company on the day of deposit that they should use their diplomatic shipping mission that convey the box from here in Philippine to where it is now in cote d' ivoire to your address as the partner in question. Although there were no name mentioned to the company as to whom will be my partner but the depository information i am sending will prove you to be the bonafide partner to me the depositor. 
Make sure you have a copy of the information below before you contact the company because they might ask you some simple questions from it to verify your genuinety or you can download the certificate of deposit below for complete information. 
TEL: 0022547155414 FAX: 0022522527436
Further more, in a transaction of this magnitude there is tendencies for some expenditures to be carried out but i will like to affirm that i paid the security company some money for the safe keeping of the consignment prior to when you will be contacting them for the claim so I don't think you are going to spend any money to this regard, nevertheless i have mapped 10% of this fund for this assistance you are rendering.
Based on the above informations the security company will issue you some documents notifying you of the departure / arrival date and time of the consignment,this you should forward to me immediately in order for me to make my travelling arrangement to meet the consignment upon delivery for inspection.
Finally, i want you to study the mail and respond immediately to confirm your status regards this transaction as i give thanks immensely for co-operation in advance. 
Best regards, 
Pamela Elisa Lugares 

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Re: Pamela Elisa <>
Antwort #2 - 02. September 2008 um 23:17
Dieses rote Sternchen kennen wir schon aus diversen 419er Dokumenten. 
Unter kann man sich eine Menge andere anschauen.
Da sie wohl zu blöd waren, das Dokument gleich als jpg zu erstellen, haben sie es noch mit einem HP Scanjet djf300 am 1.9.2008 um 16:29 Uhr eingescannt! 
Wurde am 2.9. um 21:50 Uhr noch einmal bearbeitet! In dem Dokument stand schon einmal ein anderer Text und Englisch sollten sie auch mal lernen!
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Re: Pamela Elisa <>
Antwort #3 - 04. September 2008 um 21:27
Hatte ein Foto angefragt und was bekomme ich als Antwort?

Dear XXXX,
I have not forgotten the photo you requested, its just that i cannot send it at the moment becaus of situation surrounding me. You know we have to take precaution to avoid the process been jeopardise. You will definitely receive the photo before you receive the package. Please contact the security company today since they operate on 24 hours basis for the shipment to be complete as i wait for your feedback.
Best regards,
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Re: Pamela Elisa <>
Antwort #4 - 09. September 2008 um 21:51
Nachdem ich ihr geschrieben habe, kein Photo, kein Deal, sind heute doch zwei Photos angekommen.


Here is your demand, please download the attachment for details. As you view my photo for your enjoyment endeavour to contact the security company as i wait for your feedback.

Best regards,


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