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Re: Diana  <>
Antwort #3 - 01. Dezember 2010 um 04:00
Die Dame auf die Bilder ist Glamour Model Danni Wells.



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Dasha <>
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Re: Diana  <>
Antwort #2 - 23. Mai 2008 um 19:29
Hier kommt die zweite Mail von Ihr und wieder vom Übersetzungs Büro.Header ist gleich bleibend.

Hello,my dear XXXX,

Thank  you  for  your  letter, it is my pleasure to receive it. So you
decided  to  give us a chance? I am happy to meet such a nice handsome
man  as you are , I like your moustache and ear ring:) I will be happy
to  know you better and I wonder, what would you do if you have met me
in  the  street?  I  do not consider meeting in the Internet to be too
romantic:)  Let's  imagine that we have met Like all normal people are

May  be  like  this:I have met you in one of these gloomy days when my
mood  is  on the zero point and I am really sad. You came into my life
like  a  burst of fresh wind at the time when I had completely lost my
hope  to  find  my  second  half.  I am single, 28 years old , without
children, of course I have had some boyfriends in my life , but it did
not work. I have ended my job earlier and imagine me walking along the
path  of  an  empty park . You have noticed me and my sad eyes charmed
you.  I  was  thinking  about  one  thing  only, about getting home to
Zimogor'e  ,it  is  25  minutes  by  an  electric  train from Lugansk,
Ukraine.  I  live  with my parents, my mother and father they are very
nice  people  and  they have given me everything they could. They have
given  me  a good education at the University except one thing, I have
always  dreamt to learn English,but my parents could not afford it for
me,  so  I  do  not  speak  English  and  need  to  use  a  Company of
professional  translators  which helped me to create my profile in the
Internet(I  am  not  stupid  ,  but  can  not operate a computer:) and
translates  your  and my letters . I work in Lugansk Library, it is in
the  center of Lugansk, near a nice park(I will show it to you one day
if  you  come to visit me in reality). You came up to me and gave me a
yellow  maple  leaf you have picked up from the ground, saying that it
was  a  piece  of  the  sun  which you should give to the girl of your
dreams and asked me for a date with you. My answer was positive. Where
are you going to take me?

At  the  electric  train  on my way home, I was thinking about you...I
feel  like  the  destiny has given me more than I have asked for ... I
have  dreamt  about  a real love , but was presented a kind , nice and
romantic man. I will be impatiently waiting for our next meeting, hope
to hear more about you and to get your reply sooner! Yours Diana.
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Flower of the Orient
Scam Warners

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Re: Diana  <>
Antwort #1 - 23. Mai 2008 um 10:24
Also das Foto ist ja auch irgendwo geklaut worden.


inetnum: -
netname:   UA-IS
descr:   SLW Internet-Service
descr:   Lugansk
country:   UA
admin-c:   AS3509-RIPE
tech-c:  AS3509-RIPE
tech-c:  BK5536-RIPE
status:  ASSIGNED PI
mnt-lower: RIPE-NCC-HM-PI-MNT

person:   Alexey A. Stroganov
address:    Demekhina st.  31, 91016
address:    Lugansk, Ukraine
phone:    +380 642 344751
fax-no:   +380 642 344751
nic-hdl:    AS3509-RIPE
mnt-by:   UAIS-MNT

person:   Bezruchenko Konstantin
address:    8069, POBOX 62830
address:    Pafos, Cyprus
phone:    +35799074204
fax-no:   +35796742020
mnt-by:   WZNET-MNT
nic-hdl:    BK5536-RIPE

descr:    JSC "Internet-Service"
descr:    Lugansk, Ukraine
origin:   AS20699
mnt-by:   UAIS-MNT

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Diana  <>
22. Mai 2008 um 21:45
Hier gleich noch einmal ein Luder  Smiley

Hello, dear XXX,

It  is  me,  Diana.  I  hope everything is well with you and may be my
letter  will  bring something new and bright to your life. We have met
in  the  spaces  of  Internet,  we  are far from each other now, but I
invite  you  to  my  own world, to the world of my dreams, secrets and
passions  where you will be able to know me better, will you accept my
invitation?  Will  you  let  me  to  your world? I am sure now you are
wondering  who  is this lady who has written it to you. Do not wonder,
we  could  have met in the street or we could have not met at all, but
life  has  given us a chance to talk and to get to know each other, do
not  you think so? Yes, I know, it is strange in some way to meet like
this  in  the Internet , but I bet you know, some centuries ago it was
the  only  way for people to talk to each other... We could pretend we
are  a Knight  and  a  Lady   who are living in the fifteenth century ,
but  the  modern world has changed so many things, our life has become
faster , but it has lost something very important some romance, do not
you think so?

I bet you wonder what is a lady like me doing here ? Am I right?Smiley The
answer  is  as  simple as an alphabet and as old as the world is, I am
looking  for  love,  I am looking for the man who can take my hand and
show  me  Paradise  with  one  touch only. I am a very romantic loving
woman  and I can make my man happy, I just need to found this man, may
be  you are him, may be you are the one whom I have been searching for
the whole of my life, may be it were you who were coming to my dreams.
I  want  to find a man who will make me loose my mind and give all the
fire  of  my  heart  soul  and  body  at  one  moment,  who will be my
everything.  My  heart  is  lonely  and  I know that my second half is
wondering  somewhere  in the world. I am a kinds of a person who gives
everything  but will never demand. I am like a flower which was picked
and  thrown  on  the  cold ground, will you save me, will you bring me
back to life?

I  do  want to know you and hope you will write me back to this e-mail
address ,  let's give us a chance. Life is full
of miracles and may be I am a miracle for you?

I will be waiting for your reply really impatiently! Yours Diana.

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