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Marinka <>
01. Dezember 2010 um 17:39
Privet my dear xxxxx!!!

What a happy day today! I finally got a letter from you!!! I
can  see that you are interested in me as I am interested in
you.  I feel so happy!! Thank you so much for your wonderful
letter. I very much enjoyed reading it because of it is kind
and sincere. It means a lot to me!! I was very happy to know
that  you  are  a  serious  man  and you are searching for a
serious  relationship. It is only a beginning for us but who
knows   where   destiny   leads   us?   So,  let's  get  our
communication  organised.  I  hope  that we will be open and
honest  with  each other because it is very important not to
lie  and  hide  something  from  each  other.  I  think when
relationships  start  with  dishonesty  and lie, there is no
future  for  us.  Do  you  agree  with me?? I will always be
honest  and  truthfully  with you and I hope you will do the
same  for me. Well, let me open to you some pages of my life
story.  My name is Marina. I'm 26 y.o. I was born at the 1st
of  February  1984  in  Horlovka city. My family still lives
there. Sport has been always one of my favourite activities(
I'm  a  former  gymnast).  I  completed  Lugansk  college of
physical  culture  but after an incident I had to decline my
possible   sport   career.  At  the  moment  I  work  as  an
administrator  in  the  fitness  centre.  I  have never been
married,  I  haven't  got kids. I'm not in love and I do not
have  a  boyfriend  but  I had some. Here I am to find a man
with  whom  I  can  start  a  family.  For  me  family is of
paramount  importance.  I  do not understand women who think
that  first  they  should  start  a  career and give all the
efforts  and  attention  to  it.  For  me, only good family,
loving  and  caring  husband can bring a real happiness to a
woman.  In  my  opinion home should be like a fortress where
you can hide from bad, enjoy life, feel harmony of inner and
outer  world,  where  you  can  share  happiness  with  your
beloved. What do you think about it, please, answer me. Your
opinion  is  very  important  to  me.  So, what are home and
family  for  you?  I  will be waiting for your answer with a
sinking heart...

Take care, your Marinka 

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Re: Marinka <>
Antwort #1 - 01. Dezember 2010 um 17:42
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Re: Marinka <>
Antwort #2 - 01. Dezember 2010 um 17:45
Hier hatte ich sie schon mal: Marinka <>
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Re: Marinka <>
Antwort #3 - 01. Dezember 2010 um 17:53

Aurora Vaillantcourt, so ein Model.

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