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2 347 Letzter Beitrag 27. Mai 2023 um 13:29
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Rita Mason <>
hi glad to hear from you and am happy you got my email correctly too ,i don't really understand this online dating stuff as i am new on the site and new to dating over the net as well,i might be delet...

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2 915 Letzter Beitrag 01. November 2018 um 21:21
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Florence Owusuaa <>
Hi xxx
  Thank you for the email and the message. Yes i got your email and thanks for the pictures as well. You look very good. You have a nice smile. I will love us to know more about each other...

Gestartet 10. Oktober 2018 um 07:45 von † Django Hurtig †
3 1.115 Letzter Beitrag 15. Oktober 2018 um 13:40
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Sharifa <>
Kontakt über:
Name / Nickname: Sharifa / Vidabasaone
Vidabasaone,30 Online Now ALPINE,AL_Woman looking for Man 30-99 


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4 740 Letzter Beitrag 17. September 2018 um 03:04
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Gabriella <>
Neue Kundschaft.
Petzold7, 34, Frankfurt am Main
Portalnachricht: Zitat:
Nun, wenn Sie Interesse haben, sich mit mir in Verbindung zu setzen, um sich kennenzulernen und zu sehen, wie die Dinge laufen. ...

[quote] Meine E-Mail-Adresse l

Gestartet 26. Juli 2018 um 01:46 von Kotelett
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20 3.918 Letzter Beitrag 10. August 2018 um 22:09
Von: Kotelett
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Elizabeth <>
Kontakt über: man muß angemeldet sein
Please can i know how much you can help me with?
1000 $
Send me picture of your passport
And record...

Gestartet 27. Februar 2018 um 04:13 von power
2 872 Letzter Beitrag 14. März 2018 um 19:47
Von: Stiray
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Toke <>
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I am a:    32 yr-old woman seeking men, 45-71
Location:    katy, Texas USA
Last Online:    ...

[quote]She Said
I'm new at this online dating cause i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person im meeting online...Anyway,thanks for hitting me up with a message,i appreciate it...So how's everything be

Gestartet 29. Dezember 2016 um 08:42 von lemansue
5 3.989 Letzter Beitrag 31. Dezember 2016 um 00:20
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Ramah <>
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Am Ramah bills preety new on here searching for my Mr Right.
I am a:    34 yr-old woman se...

[quote]From: ramahbills_09
34 yr-old woman, Ada, Oklahoma USA
How are you doing ? Hope you good ? Am not regular on this site ! You can email me on so we take it from there ! Have a blissful d

Gestartet 23. August 2016 um 02:23 von lemansue
3 1.200 Letzter Beitrag 23. August 2016 um 12:13
Von: Stiray
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Tackie <> <> [colema.tackie29]
The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt
I am a:    28 yr-old woman seeking men, 39-70

[quote]From: setle321
28 yr-old woman, springfield, Missouri USA
Hi am Tackie 29 yrs, am from That Missouri, Arnold sound really nice to hear,I am doing great and so far you the first who said something nice,I'm look

Gestartet 12. Juni 2016 um 21:56 von lemansue
5 9.604 Letzter Beitrag 14. Juni 2016 um 20:41
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Belinda <>
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I am a:    29 yr-old woman seeking men, 30-99
Location:    birmigram, A...

From: jade913
29 yr-old woman, birmigram, Avon, England UK
hello xxx tanks for your message , but im busy i wont be o this site evrytime , you can get to me on my email

Gestartet 10. April 2016 um 21:12 von lemansue
4 1.076 Letzter Beitrag 04. Juni 2016 um 19:21
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Alice <>
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Hi there
I am a:    32 yr-old woman seeking men, 40-99
Location:    New jersey, New Jersey USA
Last Online:...

[quote]From: adori4d
32 yr-old woman, New jersey, New Jersey USA
Hi xxx
Nice to hear from you and I will like to get to know you , can you text me or send me an email so we can chat more and see where it takes to (973) 298-06

Gestartet 04. Juni 2016 um 12:53 von lemansue
3 1.027 Letzter Beitrag 04. Juni 2016 um 19:17
Von: Stiray
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Martha <> <> [martha.cobbina1]
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looking for a sincere man
I am a:    32 yr-old woman seeking men, 40-80
Location:    Edmond, Okla...

[quote]From: angellover34
32 yr-old woman, Edmond, Oklahoma USA
will like to know you further.
hello handsome , hope you doing good over there , am single and new on the site , never married with no kids , am looking for some

Gestartet 06. April 2016 um 21:40 von lemansue
9 7.979 Letzter Beitrag 13. April 2016 um 11:19
Von: Uli
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Evelyn <>
How are you? Just want to be sure if I got the right email address, and so, I want you to write back to me and tell me about yourself and what you're looking for in a woman, and send me your latest Pi...

Gestartet 18. Juli 2015 um 21:10 von Amirul (Ex-Mitglied)
4 1.276 Letzter Beitrag 06. April 2016 um 22:52
Von: x5dr
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Shirley <>
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32, Suffolk, Virginia, United States
    Looking for a date or a relationship with a man,<br /...

Portalnachricht 1
Hello hansom, how are you doing ? yes but have to View translation to you. Shirley is my name nice to meet you. do you

Shirley BROOKS ---> Texas ---> Ghana
Gestartet 20. September 2014 um 22:14 von rud (Ex-Mitglied)
6 1.851 Letzter Beitrag 06. April 2016 um 22:52
Von: x5dr
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Adele <>
Bilder ausgeliehen beim Nacktmodell Talia Sheparf. Welcome loves to my official home of Hustler magazine cover model Talia Shepard.
[font=Arial]I live in Lon...  [smiley=A_r_s_c_h_g_i_r_l.gif

Gestartet 19. Dezember 2013 um 23:47 von Amirul (Ex-Mitglied)
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11 3.196 Letzter Beitrag 06. April 2016 um 22:51
Von: x5dr
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Rose <>
Open-minded and intelligent lady who knows what she wants. I want a good life for my future family,
I am a:    34 yr-old ...

[quote]From: Rose7081
34 yr-old woman, edmond city, Oklahoma USA
Okay Nice meeting you and its cool talking you as you are the first person am talking to on here and am new to the site and am looking for my

Gestartet 20. März 2016 um 08:39 von lemansue
4 4.324 Letzter Beitrag 22. März 2016 um 00:01
Von: Stiray
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Sarah <>
Beautiful woman....
I am a:    33 yr-old woman seeking men, 34-60
Location:    forte dodge, Iowa USA<br ...

She Said
I have been busy with study so if you don't mind email me on so will tell you more about my self and share photos,hope to hear from you

[quote]From: sarahaggrey2y8<br

Gestartet 30. Dezember 2015 um 18:26 von lemansue
2 868 Letzter Beitrag 31. Dezember 2015 um 00:55
Von: Stiray
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Annabel <>
Treat Me Like A Queen And I Reciprocate .
I am a:    37 yr-old woman seeking men, 42-72
Location:    Green Bay, ...

[quote]From: happyann01
37 yr-old woman, Green Bay, Wisconsin USA
Happy New Month xxx
Yes I am interested in your profile and will sure like to know everything about you . Why not drop me your personal email so we

Gestartet 09. August 2015 um 19:34 von lemansue
2 992 Letzter Beitrag 09. August 2015 um 19:43
Von: lemansue
Normales Thema
lower bay auf Angelreturn
lower bay
weiblich / Single t
33 - Abilene / United States
Aktuelle Lage       Chicago/ United States<b...

Profilnachricht vom 25/02/2015 13:27
lower bay
hello how are you doing what are you looking for on here because am looking for a serious man to be with so will you mind if we can get along to
chat with each othe

Gestartet 02. März 2015 um 01:52 von Amirul (Ex-Mitglied)
2 940 Letzter Beitrag 02. März 2015 um 06:04
Von: Stiray
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Nancy <>
Am Anfang stand ein Profil bei saymehi - eine Dame aus den USA.
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nancynicegirl: i am a very good looking girl with humble and...
send kiss send ...

hello my dear,
my name is miss Nancy,
i will like to be your friend,
this is my email address,( nancy_love01@yahoo. com ), contact me so that
i will send you my photo ( picture) and also

Gestartet 16. April 2013 um 17:26 von Bommo
5 3.935 Letzter Beitrag 24. September 2014 um 12:45
Von: rud - Ex-Mitglied
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Tina <>
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love like you never been hurt
I am a:    30 yr-old woman seeking men, 18-45
Location:    illinois,...

[quote]She Said
Kisss back xxx
Well Actually I'm a mixed race I was born and raised in the states but due the death of my Father I'm now living in Ghana with my Mother ,So tell me do you have problem with the distance thro

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