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Mariya <>
My name is Mariya!!!
We met each other on the site
Has created my account in order to get acquainted with you for a serious relationship. And now I am writing...

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Anna <>
Honeyannya: To say I am nice, communicative, alive, activ...
   - 27 y/o female
   - Mariupol, Ukraine
   - English, ...

Hi xxxxxx, nice talking to youSmile I would like to get ot know you better. I am interested to know you more, as for me - I am single, no kids, never marri

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Mariya <>
These are my photos that you remembered me!! 
Off Topic KommentarMore pictures in the gallery: Smiley

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Roza <>
Hello dear Markus
It actually surprised me to see your letter. But despite this, I am pleased to read your lines. I do not know how to start my first letter to you, but what is still necessary to...

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Alina <>
Hello, my dear friend!!! You know, it's  for the very first time I'm using such an unusual way of getting acquainted with somebody, but it's rather interesting experience for me, cause I want to meet ...

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Valya <> <>
Hallo. Ich bin ein junges Madchen. Mein Name ist Valya! Ich habe Ihr Profil auf der . Ich sah ihr Profil und ich beschloss, Sie zu schreiben. Ich bin nicht der Suche nach Spielen. Ich <br ...

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Alena <> <> <>
Dear Mr.Jurgen!
On the 17th of Novemberr in 2008 the Contract on rendering of tourist
services has
been concluded
between our agency on behalf of director Zhilyaeva A. on the one h...

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Alena <>
Hallo. Ich bin ein junges Madchen. Mein Name ist Alena! Ich habe Ihr Profil auf der Dating-Plattform. 
Ich mag dein Profil und ich beschlossen, schreiben Sie. Ich bin nicht der Suche nach allen S...

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