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Esmi <>
10. August 2023 um 22:05
I think you will be surprised when get my letter and picture.
And I hope in the result it become a nice surprise. I just trying to find my happiness and meaning to live further by writing you.
I never did it before, so I don’t know what words I should write here, lol.
You may see my picture with this letter, so you know already know how I looks like.
My name is Esmi. I live in Azerbaijan and I’m 29 y.o.
I’m not supermodel as you see, lol. But I still have a hope that I also can find a happiness through internet as many people could do in modern world. Why not?
I can’t say that my previous life was easy and nice, but I want that my further life become different.
I don’t want to spend it in loneliness or regret about something what was in the past and made me hurt.
And you? Do you feel comfortable with your current life, don’t you feel lonely and don’t you want to change it?
So why can’t we try together and see what we get?
Then I hope to get your short reply to this my letter and then we can start learning each other better.
Maybe this summer become the most remarkable time for us, become the time of beginning something really nice, who knows.
Have a great day. Esmi
Sorry, if disturbed you by my letter or if you are not interested in me.

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