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Zhanna <>
02. Februar 2021 um 18:52
Happy Holiday seasons! Just how did you waste Start of the year along with Christmas? I believe it is time to begin the new season together with true love. Now don't you feel I am correct? Perhaps we are able to connect at some point. I was born in The usa, I stayed over there right up until I turned ten, and today I live in Ukraine. I haven’t connected with a male within my country and simply needed to try to go looking via the internet. Tell me just what city you reside in? It is fantastic that with all the support of the online world, we are able to get acquainted with each other better. Now I am 35 yrs . old, already an adult for the serious relationship, I do not wish anybody to play with my feelings that is for certain. I'm Zhanna by the way, although you can just simply call me Zhan. If you are attracted in knowing me much better, then we are able to continue on our contact. How do you like the image of myself, that I have included in the attachment? You actually don't have to answer in case you didn't like it. Now i am trying to discover a guy who is much older than me, certainly not violent, mild, and who can really take care of me and simply deal with me proper. I am going to also be pleased to receive your own personal photo with your answer if you are attracted. I hope you will not actually make me wait around very long and will reply asap.

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Über Russland:

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IP Address
Country 	Russian Federation [RU]
Region 	Primorskiy kray
City 	Lazo
ISP 	OJSC Rostelecom
Net Speed 	(DSL) Broadband/Cable/Fiber/Mobile
IDD & Area Code 	(7) 0423
ZIP Code 	692994
Weather Station 	Partizansk (RSXX0394)
Mobile Carrier 	-
Elevation 	230m
Usage Type 	(ISP) Fixed Line IS
Anonymous Proxy 	No 

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 17:11:31 -0600

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Re: Zhanna <>
Antwort #1 - 02. Februar 2021 um 20:34
Das Bild wurde bei Model und Schauspielerin Natalya (Aleksandrovna) Rudova / Natalja Rudowa / Наталья (Александровна) Рудова aus Moskau geklaut.

Natalia Rudova

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