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Irina <>
14. September 2018 um 20:02
Hey! I imagine it's sudden for you, but I beg you to have a read of the letter of mine until the very end. Read my message, please. Why do u suppose I texted to you? I would like to communicate with u for a deep contacts. My name is Irina. I am 36 and I'm from Russian Federation. I am not married now. I 'm interested in a gentleman who is really family-minded. I DON’T WANT to play games, and drop adamical photos of mine!!! Don't write me if u want it! I am not searching for the beggar and the young man. There is no sense in texting me in this context! Tell me about you! Please,give me your name. I'm from Russia and where are you from? How old are you? I would like to be cared and appreciated by my future husband. His heart must be opened to myself. I hope you to be such a gentleman. I will be waiting impatiently for your reply. Oboyatelnaya

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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #1 - 22. September 2018 um 04:04
Etwas anderer Text und anderes Foto bei gleicher Adresse bei romancescam Irina; <>
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Re: Irina <>
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