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Re: Aleksandra <>
Antwort #1 - 29. Mai 2017 um 17:07
Mail über Algerien  Smiley

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Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 11:32:41 +0300
From: Chernobrovina Aleksandra <>
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Aleksandra <>
28. Mai 2017 um 22:05
Good afternoon, my dear xxx !!!!!!
I just opened a soy box, and immediately ran to watch my mail, I saw your letter !!!!!!!! You gave me a smile and happiness !!!!!!!!! 
Love for you inspires me, makes the world brighter , Kinder and lighter !!!!! Thank you for what you have with me !!!!! 
You are my happiness and my infinite joy !!!!! Let our feelings grow stronger every day - I believe that nothing can destroy our wonderful union !!!!!!!! 
Now I'm thinking about you, I imagine how we could wake up together !!!!!! As I look into your eyes, I feel your heartbeat, I smile at you !!!!!!!! 
How do you tell me a good morning !!!!!!! I imagine how I'll make you breakfast, we'll talk, give smiles to each Friend !!!!!!! 
My dear you gave me real love !!!!!! I never experienced such feelings !!!!!!!!! You filled a huge emptiness in my heart !!!!!! 
You brought me Happiness !!!!! You're my life !!!!!!! I know you're the man that I've been waiting for all my life !!!!!! 
You're the best man !!!!!!! I'm grateful to heaven, For what they gave me to you !!!!!!! You are my guardian angel !!!!!!!! 
I love you more than life !!!!!!!! You are always in my head, you bring me The most happy dreams !!!!!!!!! I love you, every cell of my body !!!!!!! 
You are the most dear, the dearest person for me !!!!!!!! I never felt So happy !!!!!!! I love you !!!!!!!! 
I am grateful to fate, for the fact that she has joined our hearts !!!!!!! I pray to God every day , That he helped us to be together !!!! 
I know that we will overcome all obstacles, we will overcome all difficulties, we will withstand all the trials !!!!!!!!! You are my whole life !!!!! 
Only you You fill my life with warmth, only you bring me happiness !!!!!!!!!!! I love you today, tomorrow I will love you my whole life !!!!!!! 
I know, I believe that we We will be together !!!!!!!! Our hearts love each other !!!!!!!! I want that we would have one life for two !!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm very hard without You !!!!! Your letters give me strength !!!!!! When I read your letters I feel your presence !!!!!!! 
I always think about you , Whatever I do, your portrait always stands before my eyes !!!!!!!!! I fall asleep and wake up with thoughts of you !!!!!!!!!!! 
How I want to be close to Breathe with you in the same air, hold your hand, hear the sound of your heart, how wonderful it is !!!!!!!! 
Oh my God, how I love you, you are my whole life !!!!! I believe you, I opened to you, I let you into my life !!!!!!!! 
I ask you not to break my heart it's in your hands !!!!!!!! 
You're the best man in the whole world I'm writing this letter, and I'm thinking about you, I do not know what you're doing right now !!! , 
That you also think of me !!!!!! I love you with all my heart, I want to shout about it, I want everyone to know that I love you !!!!! 
I want to fly from love !!!! You filled my soul with light, you showed me true love, you gave me the most beautiful feelings on earth !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
You are my sun, you are my king, you are my angel !!! !!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!! I'm very sad and lonely without you !!!!!! 
I can not help but think about you !!!!!!!! You My whole life !!!!!!!!!! I can not believe that you are in my life !!!!!! 
I'm very afraid of losing you !!! I can not imagine my life without you !!!! !!!!I want, That we would have one life for two !!!!!!!!!! 
To love you is to see the sun through the clouds, to feel the warmth even on cold evenings, to hear music through silence !!!!!!! 
This bright feeling lights up in your eyes, giving the look of charm and charm, it sparkles and shines !!!!!!!! So let it last forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dear, I'm so glad that today I can get your help. You said that today you can send me help on tickets. Finally I can buy tickets and fly to you. 
I really want to tell you about my feelings in my eyes.
In the letter, I can only say the words, how I want you to look into my eyes, see the brilliance of my eyes, see my smile !!!!!!!!! 
My love for you is the ray of the sun that I So it was not enough to see you. Perhaps it will seem too naive, but it always seemed to me that true love is completely different. 
I was preparing to feel some kind of "click", to feel the illumination, which will completely change me and my life. 
I watched movies and believed that my love would be the same - sudden, bright. 
It seemed to me that only those who had suffered it could get to know love, went through everything: resentment, humiliation and disappointment. 
I always considered myself strong and able to sense in every situation, and therefore, and control my emotions. 
But the first time I read your letter, my heart began to beat harder, like a prisoner. 
In a moment everything changed, and I realized that love can not be suffering. 
It's like a breath of fresh air, like a wave of inspiration that carries you into the world of your dreams. 
I'm happy as soon as a man who knows that he likes a beautiful man !!!!!!!! In your century, Aleksandra !! !!!!!!!!

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