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Arthur <>
14. September 2015 um 18:00
Ich habe mit ihm seit Juli 2015 geschrieben, sein Profil auf facebook lautet:

Er ist hier bereits unter donaldmurray49 und brianjones79 als scammer

Die Bilder sind die gleichen...

22. Juli 2015 

sweetheart when I look at the world and there’s so much pain and anger, mistakes and failures, I just look at the sky and think God is still good cause he gave me someone like you that has shown me beyond measureable doubt that, “Angels are still around" i asked myself
Why do I text you? then i answered and said it was my choice because, It’s my way of saying I remember you. i asked my delf again why do I remember you? then i answered and said it was my choice.  It shows that I care. i then asked myself why do I care? that i don’t know. It’s not my choice but my heart’s choice. i wish you a good night rest with thoughts of me in your dream..., i will be here waiting for you to make sure i continue to put a smile on your face and make you happy all the time. its my wish that i am the only friend you have because am a jealous friend. lol. this is my personal email address am writing to you with, i would also prefer you write to me here, so i can read and reply you on time...take very good care of yourself and always remember Arthur is here for you and cares so much about you. i have to go to bed now. am feeling sleepy... Good night
kiss on the forhead 

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Decimal:	3318952962
ISP:	Globacom Limited
Organization:	Globacom Ltd
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Assignment:	Static IP
Continent:	Africa
Country:	Nigeria 

from [] by 3capp-mailcom-lxa02.server.lan (via https); Mon, 17 Aug 2015 06:15:22 +0200
From: "flanagan arthur leon" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 06:15:22 +0200

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Re: Arthur <>
Antwort #1 - 14. September 2015 um 18:01

Andrew Anderson <>

Er ist hier bereits unter donaldmurray49 und brianjones79 als scammer

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Donald <>
Brian <>

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