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Nikita <>
24. Mai 2014 um 00:59
This guy also uses: <>

Nikita <>

He asks very detailed questions, such as: 

I want to ask you. You can give me your exact address? ? ? and as the name of the airport which is closer to you? ?

I never gave him any info. 

And he sent me a lot of pictures of himself, some of which I have seen in earlier postings on this thread. If anyone is interested, I can post them. 
Here's his Google+ photo:;

He also told me stories about his life in Russia to make him seem sympathetic.
Then last week, out of nowhere, he started with very graphic, and poorly written narratives, such as:

My dear , what did you do today? ? ? as passed your day? ? ?
My dear , if only we were together with you .. I would fall asleep in
your arms, to wake up from your warm breath . Sit and watch you cook.
Watch the movie, his chin resting on your chest . Inhale your scent ,
so fresh and warm, his nose buried in your neck . Take you by the arm,
leaving the street . Fall asleep with his head resting on your belly
and feeling, as you fingertips you drive me back. Go with you on the
street , hand in hand , sometimes squeezing fingers to warm them to
you . Looking at your smile in a dream silhouette of your face in the
reflection of the moon ! Come up and hug you , feeling you kiss my
eyebrows . Standing side by side, to feel like you tightly clung to me!
Pressed his cheek against your cheek .. Play as you choked breathing
in my ear. Blow on you that you turned around and kissed me . Lie to
you , but do not you dare move, not to wake you. Wake up from your
kiss, such a gentle, warm and morning .


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I wrote to the Norwegian site informing them that he was a Russian scammer, and his profile
was revoked in March of this year. He never asked me for money, however, he did waste a lot of my time.
Please contact me via this site if I can provide any additional information.

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