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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #10 - 10. Februar 2013 um 12:56
How is my dearest xxxxxxx ? How was your work day???

Thank you very much for your response!! I am so happy that you are interesting in me!! 
I saw a letter from you a bright smile appeared on my face)) It's absolutely amazing! 
Darling, how are you today? How is your mood? I am interesting in
every detail from your daily life. I want to know as much as possible about you.   You 
know, it is honor for me to have a correspondence with you. I find you a very wise, kind 
and interesting person. Also, I think that we have much in common. This makes me very 
happy and I believe if we try we will probably develop our relationship into a higher level. 
I want this much, and what about you? 

My darling,  how was your day today? How did you start it? I started my day today with the cup 
of tea ( usually i drink coffee). 
You know, I thought all the day about our meeting and i think this is not occasional. I think 
that this means a lot! For me this means a lot! I thought how much i want to tell you more about 
me yet, that I want to know you more and more, each detail of your daily life, all about you, 
what touches you!! My darling xxxxxxx , you know, I adore playing the piano) This is my pleasure! 
I can do it  during much time, this brings me a lot of joy!! I would be very glad to play the piano 
for you my sweety!! One day I hope this will happen!! You know, I learn to play different melodies, 
i think this is so romantic! Sometimes i adore to play  for a long time when nobody is near of me 
and just think about life..about sense of this life..about everything in the world... I think that 
every person sometimes wants to be alone for a moment, just to be calm and thinking... 

By the way, what interests do you have?? What things do you like doing?? I like a lot of things! I 
adore to watch movies!!
You know, I like romantic  movies very much, full of romantic moments, tender kisses and touches. I 
saw one of them yesterday, they were drinking champagne and talking about love and feelings)) Honey, I imagine us, 
doing the same.I want us sitting on the sofa, looking into each others eyes and keeping magical silence))) 
Do you want it, honey? I feel that today I am very romantic and philosophic))
I hope it is ok for you??))))

My darling xxxxxxx , you know, I forgot to tell you about what i adore doing very much!!!! You know, 
as every woman I like flowers!! I like them very much!! This is my weakness!! My mother has a small garden 
in front of our apartment, and she grows there different sorts of roses. I adore roses most of all!! 
Different! They are so nice flowers! Really, i like to make photos with them!!! I like to smell flowers, 
to see on them! This small joy brings me so much happiness!! My darling, maybe you have noticed already 
that I like flowers)))) I think that they make the woman more beautiful, isn't it?? How do you think of this? )))

Honey, I want to be happy, to love and to be loved by the only man, my man, my beloved. I want to please and 
comfort my only one. I think that I deserve it. 
xxxxxxx , maybe, you are looking for me and I am for you. What do you think about it, darling? 

My sweety, I see that I again wrote you soo much!!! Sorry me please, but i want so much to tell you!!! You are 
very interesting for me!!!

Good night, my darling!! I will miss you!!!

Your Ludmila.

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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #11 - 10. Februar 2013 um 13:10

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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #12 - 15. Februar 2013 um 02:34
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