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Katya <>
15. Februar 2012 um 14:43
Having   received   from  you,  I'm  excited,  because  it  has  never
communicated  with  someone from another country. I think the distance between us, will not be an obstacle in our communication. After seeing your profile on a dating site, what prompted me to write to you, there was  an inexplicable desire to get to know you, inside a woman's voice tells me that you're a good person with whom it will be interesting to talk to. On this site I was not by accident, disappointed in Russian men want to find a serious relationship is to be sincere and durable.
I am writing this letter to sincerely from the heart and all that is
written here is not just empty words. I want to tell something about
yourself that you could know a little about me. My name is Katya
I'm 26 years old, in which life is monotonous, and sulfur.
My family is not big: my mother, I and my brother, who is now in the army, I do not remember his father, he left us when I was little. And you have a big family? When I graduated from high school, I decided to enroll in the University for the Humanities, for this I had to move to the city of Samara. I am currently working as a music teacher in an orphanage, teaching children who are without parents music, or who may be either of them will be a famous musician, and tell me thank you that by this he pushed me. I like my job, I guess what I'm doing a good job.
My children feel good attitude to them and why I respond the same.
Many girls are lazy and do not want to care for themselves, but
I do not like that. The love of healthy living and sport in my blood.
I love tennis, I love to snowboard, swim in the pool, practice yoga.
Do you like sports? Which sport do you like? My family is not big and
their loved ones I am madly in love and ready to do everything that
they were happy. I very much love my Mom, she has experienced in his
life betrayal of a loved one, and it has left its indelible imprint
the heart, but it is a strong woman and all the troubles stoically
endured. Her love for me is boundless, it is ready to do whatever
I felt good. My brother just loves me, because I always stay for
a little sister with whom he nursed. He serves in the army, and
so for a living, but in Russia the military does not pay much,
so my whole family works. All my life I dream of a big happy
family, because I love kids so much, kids are the greatest miracle.
What is important in a family for you?
Now my life has come a moment that I feel how much I need to
take a step toward serious feelings for a change in your life.
All that has been up to this point, I want to strike out, but
do not forget. I want to find someone who would understand me,
was my soul mate. I have accumulated during the sea of ​​feelings
that I wanted to share a worthy man. If you do not want a serious
relationship please contact me so that we are both wrong did not
lose our time, which is inexorably runs forward. Now you know a
little about me and if you send me your pictures in my mailbox,
and tell us about yourself a little bit, I'll be very happy.
Perhaps this will be our first step to our happiness.
I'll wait for your answer, with a great desire to meet you.

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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #1 - 15. Februar 2012 um 14:48
Mail über Kazan Russland

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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #2 - 15. Februar 2012 um 18:12
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