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Antwort #1 - 14. November 2011 um 20:09
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I live in Russia

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Anna <>
14. November 2011 um 20:06

Hello xxx! How are you? It's again Anna.
I am glad to start our dialogue, I think it is fascinating and interesting. The first time I use this method of dating a man over the Internet.
I did it on the advice of my friend. I thought, why not? Fate connects the lives of people in different ways, and I decided to try it.

I think you wonders why I decided to get acquainted with a man from another country? I want to disprove all the bad thoughts about it.
If you thought that my goal is to obtain citizenship in another country, you are mistaken. I do not need it.
I am looking for love, and only that. All other reasons do not matter to me. Why I decided to get acquainted with a man from another country?
I did it on the advice of my friend. After several unsuccessful attempts to find my second half here,
I decided to try to direct my search to another country. Why not? I know of several cases in which people  find love in other countries.
Now they live there, and I think they are happy. I do not want to say that all Russian men are bad people.
No. I just have not found the right person, so I decided to use other way. Who knows, maybe fate will smile to me.
But I again want to say that I do not seek to obtain citizenship in another country. I would not spend the time wasted for the sake of it.
Well. I hope you understand me.

I think you want to know something about me, about my life and I would like to tell you about it.
As you already know my name is Anna. I was born 12.11.1978. I live in Russia, in city - Elec .
I have never been married and have no children. Of course, I had a serious relationship, but this has not led to marriage.
I work in a police as cynologist. More details about my work, I can tell you in my next letters.
I live alone in one-room apartment. My family is mother and father who live in another part of town. I have no brothers or sisters. I am an only child.
You've seen my dog. I love her very much and almost always take it with me. Thus, we spend every day together. name is Nelly.

This is a brief description of me. Now you have some idea about me. We will continue our dialogue, and further we get to know about each other more.
I hope you still want it. I also want you to write some information about yourself, about your life. I am very interested.
Today I am sending you my pictures. I hope you liked it. I will wait for your reply. I hope that our dialogue will continue.
Bye bye.

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