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Elena <>
11. Oktober 2011 um 16:37
Hi from Ukraine!!!
I  am  so  happy  that you have paid your attention on me! I read your
profile  and felt that you are very interesting person for me. I can't
resist  the  temptation and wrote to you . I do belive that everything
is  not  accidentally in our lives and i hope that our meeting will be
not an exception!
Here  is  more  information  about  me:  My  name  is Elena. I'm very
positive  person  and  I  try to live with a smile on my face. I think
that  all  problems  will  be  gone if you have a positive attitude. I
promise  you,  you  will  never  be  bored  with me! I like joking and
spending time with my friends.
But  I  am  serious  too  because  life  is  not full of happiness and
pleasure.  But  I try to not look only at bad side of problems. I like
proverb "what does not kill us makes us stronger" Agree?
I  don't like liars. Honest and trust are the first step to begin good
and strong relations. I am friendly and open lady. I am interested not
only  in  outer  but inner beauty of a man too. I love adventures. But
only  with a happy end! )) I hope our adventure will be breath-taking.
And we can start it right now.)))
I will be wait for your answer with impatience.
Your Elena.

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #1 - 11. Oktober 2011 um 16:45
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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #2 - 11. Oktober 2011 um 16:48
Mail from Ukraine

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #3 - 11. Oktober 2011 um 17:00
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