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Re: Natasha <>
Antwort #2 - 11. August 2011 um 16:32

Hier werden die gleichen Bilder benutzt: Kristin <>

Bilder hier Smiley
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Re: Natasha <>
Antwort #1 - 11. August 2011 um 16:22
Eingeliefert über die Ukraine

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Natasha <>
11. August 2011 um 16:19

Hello my dear  $$$$$$$Zwinkernd

How  are  you?  Do  you remember me? You gave me your e-mail
address some time ago... And I am writing to you!!! Zwinkernd

I hope you are glad to hear from me again Smiley

So... my name is Natasha. And I am 28 years old Smiley My friend
telling me that I am romantic... funny... I will not to tell
you everything that they telling about me! Everything has it
own time... Zwinkernd But I can tell you that they call me "shkoda"
Zwinkernd  On  English it is "naughty child" Zwinkernd Do you want to know
why? Smiley

But I can not to find a man... Not the man who wear trousers
and  has  a stubble Smiley I need a man who know what he need in
life...  Who  understand the meaning of word "family"... the
man who know what is "respect" and "understanding"...

So...  if  you  understood me right I am not for game there!
And  if  you  are  looking  for  a real woman with heart and
soul... if you have a serious intentions about me... and you
are  grew  up  from  age  when  men has a one wish: to see a
photos of women... if you think that we can to try...

Let's try Zwinkernd I am waiting for your letter! Zwinkernd

Off Topic KommentarMore pictures in the gallery: Smiley


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