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Faboya <>
30. Januar 2011 um 09:49

From faboya
za, jan 29, 2011

I Love what I read about you...I Will like to know about you.. and tell you somethings about myself as well..
Can you please send an email to me on or you send I can send some things about myself with some of my pictures...
Waiting to hear from you soon.

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Re: Faboya <>
Antwort #1 - 30. Januar 2011 um 11:04

Da steckt sicher wieder Chicken George dahinter.
Nach meinen Recherchen ist Faboya ein Nachname, der aus dem westafrikanischen Raum stammt.
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Re: Faboya <>
Antwort #2 - 30. Januar 2011 um 12:13
Bei dem Profil-Foto handelt es sich um Sara Sexton Smiley

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Re: Faboya <>
Antwort #3 - 30. Januar 2011 um 21:34
How are you doing today?...I love everything thing you say in your Profileon the dating website and i think also you are a very important personthat i will like to shear my feeling with. i don't know if youunderstand what i mean but let me say i will like to tell you aboutmyself if you don't mind. I have to many ups and downs in my life and idon't like hiding my feelings so i think i better tell you so you willunderstand about me much more better or what do you think?My name isGold Tola or you can call me TGOLD I am originally from Usa (Texas,Dallas precisely) but currently in Africa for some few reasons.I am the only daughter of my parents, My dad is from States while my mom is from  West Africa.We were sent packing from my late Dad's house by my late Dad's familyafter his death because they thought my mom caused my dad's death, theysaid that because my mom forced my Dad to go to work that day and hedied in a car crash on his way coming back from work which is notreally true or let me say does not really matter.  We had to come to Africa because my mom is originally from Africa, she only came to Texas toget married to my Dad, I hope you understand everything i am talkingabout and i must let you know all this before we move any further. Ihave been trying to look up for a good man who is going to be there forme and always think about as much as i do. Honestly, i am just tryingto open up to you so you will know how much i am ready to learn moreabout you. This is a very dangerous place i live in and i am not happyliving here. I am living in a world of loneliness, a world full offear, a sorrowful world. I need a man who is going to turn my liferound for good. I'm not looking for a bad man, I have been here for along time now and didn't get a job.Each time i go out to seek for ajob, they always try to date me before they gonna give me a job. Thingsare really hard for me to say but i think as time goes on, you willknow more and more if you care to know though.Iam looking for a serious relationship as you can see, some one with agood image.  And now i have made up my mind to settle down and start anew life despite all the stress i have been through..... I really hopei have a shoulder to lean on..maybe yours will be one good one..Justwanted to let you know the kind of person I am, I am a lady that is inneed of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through,see , I have been hurt so many times by different men and wouldn't wantthat to happen to me again. thats the reason why I said that I needlove....I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything butlove from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you inyour life through good and bad times and won't give up on you is what Iam looking for. Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work.On rainy days I like watching an old movie with some popcorn with thatsomeone special. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater ratherthan read a novel. I also enjoy travel,experiencing differentgeographies and people. I do not smoke. I do drink on social occasions.Concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous woman. My desire is to besexually faithful to the man I marry. I am still a Virgin though but Iftwo people love each other and will communicate what they like and donot like about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problemscan be resolved. I have been described someone who love's to experimentin the kitchen, and hopefully it will turn out to be something great! Iam not a gourmet cook, but I sure do try to come up with something new,and exiting for that special evening.Ican appreciate, and love,home-cooked meals, as well as a fine dinningexperience. Friends have told me that I am extremely loyal,approachable, honest, and laid back. I don't take myself too seriouslysince life is to short. "Let's Go to a wine tasting or a jazz concert"is typically of weekends or maybe just a casual walk on the beach. Welltennis is my favorite type of activity as well as surfing. I feel likeI am an easygoing laid back person that can have fun doing just aboutanything. I believe that when you're with the right person it doesn'tmatter what you're doing. I am perfectly happy staying in cookingdinner and watching a movie or going out on the town. I'm a prettyactive person when I'm not working I enjoy going to the gym, rollerblading, snow skiing in the winter, etc. I like to go boating andsnorkeling. I enjoy going to concerts, art shows, theater, sportsgames, etc. Basically I'm looking for someone I can laugh and have funwith.Someone who likes to travel and enjoys doing the same activities Ilike to do.Someone who is nonjudgmental and I can be myself with. Ifeel like I'm an honest, dependable, friendly person and would like tomeet someone with those same qualities. 
Hope to hear back from you soon again


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Re: Faboya <>
Antwort #4 - 31. Januar 2011 um 01:30
Eingeliefert über Nigeria - Lagos

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Re: Faboya <>
Antwort #5 - 31. Januar 2011 um 01:32


-  T J S

-  Weiblich - Dallas, Texas

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