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Re: Julia <>
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Ich habe eine schöne russische
Frau. Bleibe aber.

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Julia <>
10. Januar 2011 um 17:04
Sie hatte mir seinerzeit geschrieben. Da ein ordentlicher Mensch fast alles speichert, habe ich noch einen Brief von Ihr. Damals hieß sie Julia.

Hi x!
   Thanks a lot for your letter and i appreciate your interest in me. I
  believe that it is always interesting to meet new people. As for me,
  i would like to tell you more about me. my name is Julia. i am from
  Ukraine and i live in a small town Volnovaha. i was born on the 22nd
  of December 1983, so right now i am 25 years old. i live with my mom
  and  dad  here  in  Volnovaha.  as  for me, i have no brothers and no
  sisters, i am the only child in the family. Smiley what about you?
   as  for  me,  i  have  finished  the university and right now, i am
  working in the university. as a secretory. so all the paperwork is on
  me  Smiley))  also  i  am  working  in the kindergarten- but that is just
  part-time  job.  i  like  kids  very  much and i enjoy my work in the
   may be it sounds weird, but i have never been abroad, but i would like to
  travel all over the world one day- this is my dream! Smiley have you been
  traveling a lot? where have you been? what is your favourite place on
   why am i here?? looking for the man overseas? as for me, i started
  looking for a man abroad as i have heard that men from abroad are
  more polite, they have values in this life, not like men over here...
  they are just drinking and playing with girls.. i have never been
  dreaming about such relations. i am dreaming about devotion, love and
  mutual understanding. and i do believe to meet here my Prince Smiley) why
  did you start to look for the relationship in the internet?
    i am sorry that this letter is so short, but i really do not like
  writing long letters... i know that there are a lot of scammers in
  the internet who are always sending standart letters. and that is why
  i prefer normal letters where there will be communication, but not
  standarts sent to everybody! i will be waiting for your reply.
  with my respect Julia.

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