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Mary Jane <>
22. März 2010 um 11:38
Hallo, habe heute ne Mail erhalten von einer Mary Jane. Ich glaube es ist ein Scam, aber vielleicht 
könnt ihr das überprüfen. E-Mail Adresse der guten Frau / oder Mann scheissegal:

Hello honey,how is your day going?thanks for you responds.My present condition keeps me in a could world.My life is full of sadness and sorrows.I am not intending to involve you in my ugly life,but the reason why i emailed you is for me to have someone to talk to and see how i can move ahead with my life.
  I am Maryjane Rufug from the republic of Sudan , Darfur.I am responsible and intelligent.I am 24yrs.single,the only child of late Dr Marthins Rufug.My dad was a politician and also the general manager of Berber Cement Company BCC PLC Darfur.I lost my mum when i was 2yrs,she was from West London though i never knew her because i lost her when i was still a kid and i never knew her family at London due to the dispute between her family and my dad as a result of her dearth.The conflict in my country Sudan has cost me the life of my beloved father.I was on my second year studying medicine at University of London,i only came back home for my vacation and also to spend some time with my lovely dad before this tragedy occured.I made my way to a nearby country called Chad.The rebels that killed my late beloved father came looking for me in Chad to rape and kill me But God sent woman helped me to escape to Senegal   where i am presently living as a refugee.May here gentle soul rest in peace because she was killed by the rebels during my escape.I stop here until i hear from you.
Tell me more about yourself,i will love to know you and please send me your photo so that i can know how you look like.
Below is my one of my photo that i took when i was in the school at London.
have a nice day and remain blessed.

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Re: Mary Jane <>
Antwort #1 - 22. März 2010 um 11:42
Wer soll denn da was lesen ? Eine Mary Jane haben wir schon unter Afrika.

TinEye gibt nichts zum Bild her.
Der Fotograf ist Steven Figueroa, also ist das Bild geklaut.

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Re: Mary Jane <>
Antwort #2 - 22. März 2010 um 12:01
@ MrPay

Du hast die E-Mail-Adresse von der Guten entfernt. Warum???

Mail aus dem Senegal

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