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Ekaterina <>
13. Januar 2010 um 19:26
Hello,  mine  I,  hope,  the new friend,Markus!!! I am glad, that have
found  you  on  a  site  of acquaintances! And here I write to you the
letter,  to tell the truth, I am not skilled in a writing Letters, but
I  shall  try these lines completely before you to open and as much as
possible  to tell about myself In the letters! I as hope that you will
be  as  is  frank in the letters and will continue The acquaintance to
me!  As  you already know my name is Ekaterina-it my full name, but in
abbreviated  form me It is possible to name Katya as to you it will be
more convenient! I was born in Russia in the city of Samara, in Samara
at  me  There  live  parents  whom I very strongly love, but already 6
years  live  in  the  city of Cheboksary. I have moved to this city to
study,  I  have  finished the maximum institute, Studied at faculty in
pedagogics and in psychology studied as the logopedist I correct wrong
speech  to  children, but I can at desire To try and the adult:) Now I
already go for work on the speciality, work not dusty, basically To me
to  like,  because it consists in dialogue with people, basically with
children!  I  very much love Children, I think, you too love them! The
city  of Cheboksary, not such big, as Samara, but very clean and Cosy,
it  very  much  to like me! I never was married, but I very much would
like  to be loving , basically, therefore I was registered by the wife
of my favourite husband on a site of acquaintances! In Russia at me it
is  impossible  to create serious attitudes, everyone pay attention to
my darling Appearance also do not see my private world from this at me
it is impossible attitudes serious Level: ( But in the future it seems
to  me, that all to be adjusted!Smiley me 25 years, I hope my age will not
confuse  You  in  no event! As I the person, loving to philosophize, I
consider,  that  love  all  age  Are obedient, so the wise philosopher
spoke  also!  I think silly to prevent to attitudes because of age! In
free From work time I like to communicate to my friends, to sit in any
cultural  institution!  I  like  as  to  go  in for sports, in its any
displays,  but except for football and hockey-man's of kinds Sports. I
very  much  like  to  dance especially houses before a mirror, it very
much  cheers  me  up:)  As when I would like to make nothing, I simply
include  the TV and laying on its sofa I look!Smiley me Very much it would
be  desirable to learn about you, about your hobbies, work, a place of
residing,  about  your family, even slightly:) I hope, that I write is
accessible  to reading! I with pleasure shall read your letter,Markus,
but  if,  certainly  you Want to continue with me dialogue that I very
much  would  like!!! I shall look forward to hearing from you and Your
photos! Your new friend from Russia Ekaterina!!!

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #1 - 13. Januar 2010 um 19:29
Über die USA  Smiley

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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 21:09:01 +0300
From: Ekaterina <>
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100 % Scam
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