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Marina <>
17. Februar 2009 um 18:07
Hello dear!!!

Well, let me start to tell you about me
.....the girl you recently met through the Internet.......
My full name is Marina and I live in Lugansk, small town in East Ukraine,
together with my parents.
I am working as a manager in a small firm after graduation from University last
year. I have many friends and lovely family but I am missing my the only one, beloved
whom I could share my thoughts, spend my time and to have romance, but not only also
create a strong happy family where will be love and harmony and to have children with.
I have different interests....
I do like good melodic music......sometimes it doesn't even
matter.....of which stile it is ...if it sounds good ..... it can
become my  favorite song....or singer....
I adore is very calming spending of time....don't you
think??? Do you like to read???? I adore...from women magazines to
historical novels....
I like visiting for me it is very romantic spending of
time......will you invite me one day to the theatre????
Also its great for me watching TV and enjoying company of my friends.....
preparing some delicious dishes when they are visiting me.
I like sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like  nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I adore pets and animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, maybe it is OK for introduction????
Do you feel that you already know me better????????
If yes, please don't hesitate and write me soon, I will be happy to answer you.

Waiting for your soon reply,


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