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Gladys <>
07. Juli 2008 um 20:13
Ein nettes Maedl, hab ich im Chat von Russianeuro kennengelernt. Sie hat sich angemeldet und war nur einen Tag drinnen. 
Aber zwei Minuten nachdem ich ihr meine mailadress gab kam diese Mail. 
Diese Dame muss wahnsinnig schnelle Finger haben.  Laut lachend 
Bei der Fingerfertigkeit sollte man sich ein Treffenn ueberlegen  Zwinkernd
Aber genug der Anzueglichkeiten, hier die Mail.

Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

Thank you so much for  sending me such a mail  and i am so thankful for  your message....
 Well  i have to  tell you about myself  ..My name  is Gladys  and a single lady who  has  got a caring and a  committed heart and i am the kind of lady who  does not tell lies  to make people  happy  or to make them  like me in my life..I also like to play golf at my free time,like going to the beach and the  zoo  and other places  of interest when i have the time  to do that...i like reading and  watching  the tv especially
when  its  showing  some of my favorite  programmes like adventures,musicals,love movies, modeling and because  of that some of my friends  tell me that i have to become a modelist  but not a  sales  lady who sells flowers,glasses,bags, drinks  at the supermarket .
 I   am  the elder   child  among the four kids  that i have in my family and i have one younger brother and
two other sisters and  as i told you    or  if i have not tell  you, i am mixed  race  lady and  my mother
from south Africa and my father  also from Ghana.
About my education, i  have   been to the college and i had degree,diploma and  i am  the kind of lady who likes smiling  too   but i get serious  when its needed....
   All my life  i have been trying to find the man that will match me  and  will  be mine for the rest  of my
life and from the look of things, i can see  that your profile really matches   what  i have dreamt of to see in a man   and so  when things start moving on well with us, that is when we have get to know much about  each other, i will close my profile at the site  so that  we can have private communication with each other  all the time no other  disturbances  from any other one...
 I like  cooking and  i  am the cook for my family and  everyone  in my family say i am a good  cook since  they enjoy my meals  all the time and i like gardening too ...I  do like pets and i have  one called  Ginger  and  that is a nice dog that i have
with me.. i do play  with him at my free  time and  i do like  going on walk  with  Ginger since i think
its  nice being with him...
I am  also  honest and dislike  dishonest people..i  am caring ,committed,understanding,loving,trusted and i dont  tell lies  about me to please  people .......I
have not been married before and  i have no kids... i have not been to your country too before to  be honest and  as  i said honesty  is my trade mark
  I am   also the kind of lady  who likes  to be corrected  whenever that i go wrong since i think no
one is perfect in  life and   mistakes  can happen  at any time   but when it comes like that, the best thing to do is  to find lasting solutions to them....
  I   think true Love is a very special act between two people who care about each other deeply. It means
that the two of you being able to take what ever this world has to throw at us these days and being able to get through it by being there for each other. Knowing how each other feels about certain things and to trust one another and being opened and faithful. And no
matter what you have to deal with you always love each other more in the end and  that is the  kind  of
relationship that i am looking forward to have for the rest of my life.. i  want to spend   the rest of my
life with someone who i can   call my life time husband and   who i can trust,respect and who  will
not abuse  me  in life...
 I  have  to get going now and please  ask whatever that  you will like to know about me   and  i will
tell you all since   i dont have anything to hide..
   About what  i am looking for in a  man,...I am    really sorry  that i dont have a web cam and  even i am new  to these online dating so i dont  know much  about    it....I    only have   some fe w pictures of me for   now.....I am online at  from 8:00pm  my time and as  i am  writting you now, its  now 10:40pm here and  i think we coud be   five  hours  time   difference ....
I am devoted, caring, kind, affectionate, Romantic, sociable, open-minded charming lady,with a good sense of humor who thinks that the main criteria in any relations is love and respect. All the rest will come If you are ready to open your heart for real big love!!! I want to find an attractive man with that inner beauty!, with the possibility of it leading to something more serious. I am seeking to find a mature, serious man, who will love , value, understand me respect and support me whatever happens in my life I want to make my man feel like he is a king, like he is the only one man in this entire universe!............  i am  so  much happy   that we  have started  talking and i   do hope that something good  will come out from it and i  hope to hear back  from you soon....I will  try and send  you som epictures of me later    after  i have  ha d your reply to know that this is  a    correct email address..

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Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 11:27:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gladys Adumbe <>
To: xxxxxxxxxx
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Warum sie eine Kopie dieses mails an Cc: gesendet hat, diese Frage wurde mir nie beantwortet. Darum hab ich den Kontakt abgebrochen.

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Abgeschlafft und ausgepufft!!

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Re: Gladys Adumbe  <>
Antwort #1 - 07. Juli 2008 um 20:26
Ist auch gut, dass du den Kontakt abgebrochen hast. Die Mail kommt nämlich über einen open Relay aus Vietnam.

IPv4-adress: [0] Undefined error: 0

inetnum: -
netname:  VDC-NET
country:  vn
descr:    VietNam Data Communication Company
admin-c:  KNH1-AP
tech-c:   DAD1-AP
mnt-by:   MAINT-VN-VNPT

person:   Khanh Nguyen Hien
nic-hdl:  KNH1-AP
address:  Vietnam Datacommunications Company (VDC)
address:  292 Tay Son street, Hanoi capital, Vietnam
phone:    +84-4-8212680
fax-no:   +84-4-9760397
country:  VN
mnt-by:   VNPT

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Re: Gladys Adumbe  <>
Antwort #2 - 07. Juli 2008 um 23:13
Das Bild sagt lediglich aus, dass es mit einer Nikon D70s am 1.3.2007 um 10:57 Uhr aufgeommen wurde. Weiterbearbeitet wurde es sechs Tage später. Interessant ist, dass das Bild zwar klein im Format ist, aber mit 300 Pixel/Zoll vorliegt! War kein Profi!
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Re: Gladys <>
Antwort #3 - 03. Mai 2011 um 15:41


-  GladysA

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Re: Gladys <>
Antwort #4 - 03. Mai 2011 um 15:41


I have just received the following message from this woman claiming to be Gladys from Accra, Ghana.
She contacted me through WAYN (Where Are You Now. It's a site for travellers.
She is known on the site as EverlastingLove79
You can find her profile at

How are you doing?..
I am Gladys and a single lady with a good and caring heart.I have tried all my life to find the kind of man that will match me and will be mine for the rest of my life and i am so much pleased that i have found your profile here....What i want you to know is that, i am looking for someone who i can spend both good and bad times with..someone who i can love with all my heart and he will also love me back.i will like us to get to know much about each other and see what the future will lead us to.Am new You can get me on my email on and we get to know much about each other...You can also add me to your yahoo messenger if you have one..Looking forward to hear back from you soon..GLADYS] 
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