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Re: Dasha  <>
Antwort #15 - 24. Mai 2009 um 12:13
Hi, Dear, Markus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank  you  so much for your reply to me, I'm so happy that I got your
answer and that you have interest to correspond with me, cause I was a
little  nervous  if  you  will  answer  me, really. Thank you for your
compliments, I like compliments, perhaps like every woman. I also have
the  same feelings as you do, we have a lot of things in common, it is
my great happiness that I have met you! It was a pleasure to read that
you  think  of  me and wants to have me by your side, me too, I missed
you  a lot and just wanted to read such wonderful words! I like you so
much,  I  hope to see you one day in real life, please can you send to
me more of your photos? I want to have many of them:) You know I heard
such  expression, that people always make their one's aim, at first to
be  graduated  from the Institute, then to find good work, to buy car,
then  house,  then  their  aim  is  to trade million, to find the most
wonderful  woman, thinking that after having car, house and wife, they
can  begin to live happy, but to reach all these aims, they understand
that  they are old and the life has run through, that's why we have to
enjoy  every minute, every hour of life, we should know that all this,
what  we have now, what we are doing to get this aim is LIFE. You know
when  i  have  heard  this, I also understood, that I'm happy now, and
why?  Cause I have you, and I hope we will have future. It was said so
correct that I don't have any doubt that it was destiny.

It's  painful as I want to live with my beloved and spend my free time
with  him . My close friends say me that I deserve for the best man in
the  world,  but I do not need "Mr. Perfect", I need someone whom will
understand and support me. May be I am down to earth...I want to share
so many things with my soul mate:cooking together, having breakfast in
bed, taking a bath together filled with bubbles:) My Dear man , when I
am  writing a letter for you, I try to imagine you :how you will smile
to  me,  how you will hold my hand...I know that you are far away from
me,  but  everything  depends on our will. Just imagine how many stars
are there in Universe, and two stars shine so bright because they have
found each other. I believe that these stars are You and ME:)

I  am  sure  that one of my glances at you, will tell you more than my
significant  speech,  I  think  we have something special together, we
supplement  each other. Our communication brings me a lot of pleasure,
I  hope  that  you  feel  the  same:) I also like good weather but not
winters  and  rains,  especially when I am alone as they make you feel
even  more  lonely.  In  bad weather I prefer wool warm socks, hot tea
with lemon and fireplace, though I don't have it:)))))) funny but it's
one  of my dream. Certainly, that sort of weather can be very romantic
when you are not alone... . I am very romantic person.

I  also  need  that  special  man  in  my  life  to be happy and share
everything,a  companion  ,a  lover  ,a best friend,that can truly love
me,mutual trust and devotion to each other, and I must so I appreciate
your  open feelings on what you want and I share them with you. I also
send  you  some  photos and I belive that you will find in my letter a
piece of yourself...mmm I will miss you till your next letter,

Send you light kiss like a sign of my sympathy,

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Re: Dasha  <>
Antwort #16 - 24. Mai 2009 um 12:15
Neue IP ,
Mail wird dieses mal über Kiev eingeliefert

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Smiley Smiley

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Re: Dasha  <>
Antwort #17 - 03. August 2011 um 07:31
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