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[23] Scammer using Pictures by ??? [23] Scammer using Pictures by ???
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Alina <>
Hello, how's your plan today? I would like to communicate with you, maybe we will be interested in our Introduction. My name is Alina. I want to find out more about you.. In my next post I will tell y...

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Margarita <> <>
Hello, my name is Margarita. I have a great desire to find a the other half and soul mate. I am 28 years old. I hope that the age difference will not be a problem for our communication. I am gentle an...

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Valeria <>
Hello, good mood on Wednesday, how are you, how is your day? My name is Valeria.
I would like to get to knovv you better.
In my next letter, I will tell you more me and forward you my image....

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18 5.921 Letzter Beitrag 14. Mai 2019 um 22:19
Von: Uli
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Valeria <>
Hello, I wish you the lightest Monday! Fоr me, Monday is always the hardest day, but fоr you? 
I hope you come home for a lоng time, and you have pleasant stay tonight? <br /...

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Yana <>
Good evening, how are you, how is your day? My name is Yana.
I would like to communicate with you.
In the next letter, I will also tell you more about me and forward you my image.
Do yo...

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Katherine <>
Hi! How are you? I'll be happy if you do not leave without care to my letter, adress I found a page. And I will be glad to develop our friendship. I think we no longer need a page to communicate. we c...

---> Volgograd
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Ekaterina <>
Hi man i hope you have a good mood? Now I do not use meeting agency, but we can continue to bonds by mail. I am 29 years, but I apparently a little bit younger. I would be so informative to know more ...

---> Ulyanovsk
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14 4.858 Letzter Beitrag 13. September 2016 um 21:32
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Nataly <>
Hello, sorry for my silence, I could not answer before.
I was busy at work. there were many cases. I am pleased that I get a response from you.
Thank you that you did not leave my letter wit...

---> Tolyatti
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