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Maryna <>
Hidear heart.,
Nowadays it is a nice day for new relation.!,
I am an alone woman looking for a new soul mate.!,
I expect your email,..
With best wishes, your  Maryna,!,
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<br ...

---> Ivano-Frankivsk
Gestartet 08. November 2022 um 19:42 von Velic
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Von: Stiray
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Oksana <>
UID:  174339
Full Name:  Oksana
Birth Year:  1986
City:  Lugansk
Country: Ukraine
Sex:  Woman

Let  me  start  our  conversation  with  a  smile)Because  every  good

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Tatiana / Ana <>
Hi xxx, this is Tatiana, (my friends call me Ana.)I am originally from
Belarus,  but  now  living  and working in small Ukrainian town called
Isyum  as assistant manager in one trading compa...

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Lizzy <>
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30, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Last seen 7 hours ago
Looking for an...

Profilnachricht 2 days ago 
I love your profile and I would like to get to know you better... You can give me your email address so I can send you everything about me and my photos and you can also send an email to me on [highlight][font=Arial]creamspice

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Oksana <>
Hello xxx)
You wrote me on Russian Cupid and I decided to write you back)
Let  me  start  our  conversation  with  a  smile)Because  every  good
communication starts with ...

Oksana AGILDINA ---> Zaporozhye
Gestartet 14. Januar 2013 um 19:04 von trucker105
10 12.938 Letzter Beitrag 05. Februar 2013 um 15:13
Von: Vesino
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Inna <>
Inna von InternationalCupid. Profil und Kontaktaufnahme.
Hi. Can you give your address where I can send my photos and tell more about me? 
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Gestartet 08. Januar 2013 um 17:41 von Junior67
3 1.266 Letzter Beitrag 08. Januar 2013 um 18:07
Von: Gargamel
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Inna <>
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---> Mukachevo
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Sveta <>
Hello XXXXX!
How  are  you? How is your mood? Smiley Hope everything is fine.
This is Sveta from dating site writing. Since it is my first
letter  to  you, so I feel a bit weird writing to ...

---> Stanichno-Lugansk
Gestartet 12. Juli 2012 um 19:24 von Junior67
3 3.489 Letzter Beitrag 28. September 2012 um 15:41
Von: trucker105
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Ira <>
Hello xxx, I hope that your day is bright!
I am happy to catch your attention and I am glad that we have
opportunity to communicate communication.
For me it is more comfor...

---> Zaporozhye
Gestartet 30. September 2011 um 20:13 von trucker105
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Mary <>
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I am: Woman 
Seeking a: Man 
Age: 29 
Country: United States 
State: California 
City: Long Beach 
Zip Code: 001 
In my own words: Well, g...

[quote]Re: kiss for you
    Sender: maryyorke19
    Sent on 11/16/2011 11:44 am<

Gestartet 17. November 2011 um 17:51 von lemansue
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Von: lemansue
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Natalya <>
Hello, dear!
It  is  my  pleasure  to meet you here! I hope you remember me? I am Natalya from Ukraine, I am 24 years old. And I do hope that we met for some  good  reason  Mentioning "some good ...

---> Blagodatne
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Timi <>
Eingeliefert über
From: timiciara        Date: 2011-03-08 06:08:31
how aree u doing am timi by name a well lovely and hard working looking f...

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