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Cindy <>
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No more drama in my life
I am a:    30 yr-old woman seeking men, 33-45
Location:    Wilmkington, Delawa...

[quote]From: Cindy9090 30 yr-old woman, Wilmkington, Delaware USA
How are you and can i know you more kindly hit me via my yahoo messenger cindyluv9090 (My number (302) 585-4375) ok i would love to know more about you.[/quot

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Nifty <>
Hallo zusammen,
hier eine weitere "Dame" die gerne Märchen erzählt  Zwinkernd
Treibt sich aktuell auf RussianCupid herum.

Hello There,
             How are you doing? well hope all is well with you,a...

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Von: zapparella
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Marry <>
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ineedttruelove1: ...send me message , i`m waiting fr you......
   - 31 y/o Female
   - USA, Austin
   - English, German, Finnish
   - Business

[quote]From: ineedttruelove1        Date: 2011-06-08 06:58:14        Reply
    31 y/o Female
    Austin, USA
How are you doing there right now , t

Gestartet 08. Juni 2011 um 19:27 von lemansue
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Von: zapparella
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Jenny <>
Message over
From: heyjenny        Date: 2011-04-12 09:39:00 
How are you doing?...I am new here really getting bored,...I have been hurt in the past but cautiously tr...

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Aliya <>
Hello Dear,
     How are you doing?....I hope you are fine as am doing here and it always good.Is me Aliya from come from Iceland ,and am Iceland citizen.Am a cetera.My main hobby i...

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