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Irina <> <>
   I am very glad to your letter, and that we met!
   I was delighted when she received a letter from you, I'm not when I still do not acquainted with a man, and yes even the intern...

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19 10.561 Letzter Beitrag 27. September 2010 um 21:45
Von: WeAreLegion
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Irisha <> <> <>
Hi my new friend, How ar You? Please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed you with something but I will be glad exchanging emails with the man sometime. It will be fascinatingly to exchange our lett...

---> Kirov
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77 8.889 Letzter Beitrag 29. September 2017 um 19:04
Von: seiko
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Irina <> <> <>
Hey hey my great friend! how are you? Please excuse me beforehand if I've bothered you with something but I would be not against to get acquainted with the man sometime. It will be fascinatingly to ex...

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5 1.408 Letzter Beitrag 07. Juli 2017 um 15:51
Von: Voortrekker
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Irisha <> <>
Hello my awesome friend, How ar You? Please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed you with something but I would enjoy to get acquainted with you sometime. It will be interesting to exchange our lett...

Gestartet 22. Juni 2017 um 19:03 von seiko
2 849 Letzter Beitrag 23. Juni 2017 um 16:59
Von: Stiray
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Irina <> <> <> <> <> <>
Hello dear! My name is Irinochka. I am 29. I love my job, because we have a very friendly staff. but, unfortunately, I can not arrange their personal life, but also a lot of work. I would like to try ...

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9 3.689 Letzter Beitrag 24. Dezember 2016 um 22:21
Von: Stiray
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Anastasiya <>
Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

Anastasiya       Member Name: berezka Member ID: 003875
Caucasian / White, 34, Single - Never Married    ...

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1 686 Letzter Beitrag 17. September 2014 um 00:10
Von: Biodiesel
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Lena <>
Hi,thanks for viewing my profile!I ike you and hope we have things in common.!Maybe we can learn each other better and see how it works:)write me please at and I will write you about ...

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2 2.006 Letzter Beitrag 23. September 2013 um 17:45
Von: Dietmar
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Irina <>
Hello my new friend! How are you? I am very happy that I now have the opportunity to write to you. Thank you for your e mail address!))) Now it will be much easier to communicate and get to know each ...

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1 2.130 Letzter Beitrag 25. Mai 2013 um 19:57
Von: trucker105
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Svetlana / Sveta <>
Good day to you, my dear!
This is me, Svetlana from the dating site.
Thank you for giving me your e-mail address,
this will be convenient way for us to get acquainted better.
I wri...

---> Lugansk
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6 3.658 Letzter Beitrag 06. April 2013 um 23:31
Von: Stiray
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Yliana <>
Hallo, hier ist mein Foto. Erzahlen Sie mir von sich selbst, Ihre Interessen, Arbeit, und dass Sie suchen.
Au?erdem warte ich auf Kommentare zu meinen Fotos.
Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

Spoiler für Header:
X-Apparently-To: via; Sat, 13 Feb 2010 06:38:32 -0800
X-YMailISG: .lypLceAdcBZXUWmR...

Wenn ich richtig liege: Verschleierte Einlieferung über Belgien, Date verweist auf Russland (+3)

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11 3.978 Letzter Beitrag 30. März 2013 um 05:43
Von: scambuster
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Lina <>
Hi . it's Lina from Int Cupid
This is so lonely with you, dear true Man here! Where are you? Are you serious abot feelings? Do you want to meet your genuine love? I bet you are the most loving a...

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1 1.441 Letzter Beitrag 06. Juli 2012 um 14:57
Von: Webmaster
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Olga / Olya <>
Hi dear!
Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me your e-mail address. Now I
think we could communicate much better then on the site. I need to
tell you that I don't have comput...

---> Lugansk
Gestartet 30. Mai 2012 um 14:41 von trucker105
4 2.051 Letzter Beitrag 31. Mai 2012 um 12:27
Von: Stiray
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Sasha <>
Hello, nice to meet  you. How are you there? My name is Sasha, it is diminutive from Alexandra. Thank you your e-mail address, hope that we can know each other better.
Tell me about yourself, you...

---> Alchevsk
Gestartet 24. März 2012 um 11:36 von trucker105
9 2.962 Letzter Beitrag 13. April 2012 um 09:15
Von: trucker105
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15 6.227 Letzter Beitrag 05. April 2012 um 22:31
Von: Uli
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Anna <>
Hello. I am single!
I am a:    28 yr-old woman seeking men, 25-52
Location:    Caliente, California USA
Last Online:    onli...

Hi xxx. How are you? I like your photo. You have strongly interested me and I very much wish to learn you more. But it would be better if you will leave to me the e-mail that I cou

---> Cheboksary
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6 2.412 Letzter Beitrag 04. März 2012 um 17:28
Von: lemansue
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Olga <> <>
Hallo! Wie geht es Ihnen? Mein Name ist Olga.
Ich bin 28. Ich bin eine alleinstehende Frau. Ich lebe in Russian Federation, in der Stadt Kazan. Ich habe
Hochschulbildung. Ich habe keine Kind...

---> Kazan
Gestartet 26. Februar 2012 um 11:30 von Abfangjäger
3 3.390 Letzter Beitrag 29. Februar 2012 um 07:22
Von: calle - Ex-Mitglied
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Anastasiya <>
I`m miracle,wonderful and exciting women...
I romantic,sexy and clever person...
My e-mail addres...

---> Torez
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8 5.123 Letzter Beitrag 23. September 2011 um 02:04
Von: scambuster
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Zoya <>
Hey xxxxxxx! 
Good and bright days to you! I'm Zoya and this is my e-mail address. Thanks for being interested in me, I like meeting new people and am glad to meet you. 
I am 25 years old, w...

---> Kharkov
Gestartet 31. August 2011 um 15:31 von andy1907 (Ex-Mitglied)
2 2.426 Letzter Beitrag 31. August 2011 um 15:42
Von: vierauge
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Olga <>
Good day to you, my dear! It's Olga. Do you remember me? I wrote to
you on I am here, because I am very
interested to know you, my dear! I hope we will start doin...

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1 2.782 Letzter Beitrag 19. Juli 2011 um 20:19
Von: steinwolke
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Nadya / Nadin / Nadusha <>
Hello dear!!!
Thank  you for the interest!!!!My name is Nadya and I'm here because I dream to meet kind, honest, sincere man who is ready to open his heart for  real relations!I hope our communic...

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7 2.815 Letzter Beitrag 27. Dezember 2010 um 22:32
Von: Headhunter
Normales Thema
Nadya / Nadin <>
Hello dear!!!!
I am very pleased to meet you!I think you are very interesting person
and i hope we will become good friend and may be more))To begin with i
wish to tell you little about...

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2 1.765 Letzter Beitrag 01. Oktober 2010 um 11:32
Von: Headhunter
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Alevtina <>
Hello Markus.
I so am glad that we could to find acquaintance on a site
Very many men wished to get acquainted with me on this site.
But I have decided to make the choi...

---> Arzamas
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14 5.348 Letzter Beitrag 10. April 2010 um 17:16
Von: sappi007
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Silia <>
Über FS 24
Über mich
Status: Mitglied Neumitglied
Alter: 27
Wohnland: Deutschland
Wohnort: Reutlingen (RT)
Sternzeichen: Stier
Motto: Ich lasse mir noch ein Motto einfallen.

Hallo, hier ist mein ...

Gestartet 24. Februar 2010 um 18:48 von sappi007
1 1.598 Letzter Beitrag 24. Februar 2010 um 19:11
Von: † Rais †
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Victoria <>
Hello my dear friend Franky!!
Your new message makes my day!
It is very pleasant for me to continue our correspondence!
In this message I shall try to tell more about myself.
I was...

---> St. Petersburg
Gestartet 17. Dezember 2009 um 20:01 von franky 33
13 5.465 Letzter Beitrag 29. Januar 2010 um 14:20
Von: calle - Ex-Mitglied
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Tatyana <> <>
Hello my dear  friend, .........
I'm  very  glad  that I have got your letter, I appreciate it and hope
our  correspondence  will  bring pleasure for both of us. I found your
profile  v...

---> Gorlovka
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3 3.382 Letzter Beitrag 17. Oktober 2009 um 10:19
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