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Julia <>
Hi, dear, I wish to know more about you, can you tell me about
yourself and send me some your photos. I wish to know you and you
won't regret, if choose me. I will make you the happiest pers...

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Alina <>
Thanks  for  your  letter ,I am very glad to receive it.It is possible for  me  to  move  to  another country but it will be true love as I am there only with serious intentions.It can be ...

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Anna <>
Hello, dear xxxxxxx) How is your life going on?? I'm really happy that
we've  got  to  see  each  other  and  hope  we  will have some mutual
interests and wonderful communication!!)

Gestartet 14. März 2012 um 19:25 von Dietmar
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Von: Dietmar
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Alina <> <>
Hello Dear! 
For me was very nice to see your profile! I was very fascinated by it! 
I think you want to ask about who I may be. Here is very few infos to start. 
I am a single 30 years...

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Von: Uli
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Julia <> <>
Hello my mysterious stranger! I’m so happy that you are interested in me. It is so strange to communicate with somebody who is so far away and I haven’t opportunity to see you. But I hope that we will...

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Elena <>
My name is Elena, you have left to me yours email on a site of acquaintances if you have forgotten, I simply remind you. I don’t know what to say in my  first letter,because I never go...

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