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Zoe <>
Let the day be easy and productive! With a good day comes mood and success. May your day be fruitful and successful. I wrote my personal, home, it will be convenient to write from home, copy my zoeimi...

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Jacqueline <> <>
I love your country with a rich culture. Tell me please, do you like day or night? I live in Sweden, do you know a lot about this country? I can only keep in touch here, you just need to copy txanaste...

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Jacqueline <> <>
How is your mood
This is Jacqueline from Sweden. do you still remember me?
Some time ago I sent you an email. and sent my photos. did you receive? I'm asking. because you still haven't answe...

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Natalia <>
Received Message
From:      nattanika10
Date:      03/29/11 4:12 PM
Subject:      hi
Message:      Hello!
My name is Natalia. I want to get acquainted with you! Yo...

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Von: Schnitzel
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Jacqueline <>
Hello my darling friend Thank you for answering me. When I saw your letter, I felt the desire to become your friend. I will try to tell about myself as much as possible. I was offered your profile at ...

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Theresa <>
Hallo bin ich Theresa Ferguson. Ich bin neu @ dieser Online-datingsite, wird angezogen der wirklich wie sein Fitnesstraining auf hier weiß, habe ich nur someonenew angeschlossen. com. com, Sie waren d...

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Natalia <>
Hi! I Natalia. I from Ukraine. I am happy to receive your letter. 
I am very glad to learn you and to me it is pleasant that you too want to continue our dialogue. It is interesting to me to comm...

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