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Saule <>
18. Dezember 2023 um 14:52
Hello!I wrote you a letter some time ago, but you never responded to
my letter. Why did not you answer my letters? I'm a good girl, and I
want to continue our dialogue. Perhaps my letter got into a spam box,
and you could not read it. I think that you are a good person, with
whom it is not only pleasant to communicate, but also to build a
family. But you do not answer my letters. And it seems to me that you
just forgot, or you do not want to communicate with me? If you do not
want to communicate with me, you can write me that you do not want me
to write to you, and that I'm not in your taste.I need to know this so
that I do not expect a letter from you every day. I decided to write
today you a short letter. I hope that you write to me and we can learn
more each other, and our communication can grow into something more.I
will look forward to your letter. I hope that you will write to me.

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Re: Saule <>
Antwort #1 - 18. Dezember 2023 um 20:05

Gleiche Emailadresse anderer Name und andere Frau.

Saliya <>

Das Bild wurde bei Nadyusha Kudryavskaya / Надюша Кудрявская aus Sevastopol geklaut.

Externe Outings:


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