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Galina <>
16. Oktober 2023 um 11:48
Greetings my new amigo.
I got your email address on one of the dating sites on the internet, though I never took a chance to email to you.
Now, as I am writing you a message and therefore I have a spark of hope that you would not ignore my note and you will email back to me.
I attempted to raise up a relationship on the Net, however it seems all the men on the Internet are just interested in money, naked photos and pornography. Therefore I am just looking for proper relationship.
I am an sincere lady, I am not a fraud and I have nothing to do with your cash. I try to think that you will as well be upright gentleman and right-lined with me.
My first name is Galina.
I have never been married therefore I don't have kids and I want to find a man in another land. I I don't like to drink or to smoke both.
I am already 36 y.o.. I live in Kazakhstan! Have you ever heard of my country? It's a large country with friendly people. I share with you my picture and I have a spark of hope that you like me.
I hope to get your message, with strong belief that you are honorable man, not a crook or an adventurer or nudes seeker.
I also would be pleased if share the info about the place where you live and your country. That really interests me.
The difference in age is not an issue for me, so there is no need to take it into account.
Looking forward to receiving the email from you and your pics, galin-ka!

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