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Angelina <>
10. Oktober 2023 um 18:12
You can call me Angelina! What s your name? If you liked my photo, write me here

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From: Angelina Angel <>
To: xxx
Subject: i want to find out
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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023 15:51:38 +0200

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Re: Angelina <>
Antwort #1 - 10. Oktober 2023 um 20:43
Das Bild wurde bei Kristina Magdich / Kristina Magditsch / Кристина Магдич geklaut. frühere Profilbezeichnungen @kristinamagdich, @kristy_____love

Bei uns bisher bekannt unter Кристи Лав. / Kristy Love / Kristina Lav / Кристина Лав.

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Re: Angelina <>
Antwort #2 - 25. Oktober 2023 um 12:31
Hello my dear xxx, Thank you for writing to me!
I am very happy to answer you, I even got a good mood!!! You know, I never corresponded with a man on the internet, you're the first man I started communicating with.
It is very interesting for me, because in letters you can write a lot of thoughts and feelings !!!!
I hope you are a serious person because I have really serious intentions! Now I want to tell you something about my life!
but what is happening in Ukraine is terrible. I don't hate all these presidents.
2 years ago I moved to Kazakhstan!
I hope that it is not a problem for you that I am from Kazakhstan? I want to be honest and open with you!
I am a decent and sociable girl! I have no children and am not married!
I am 35 years old! I was born on March 30 th, 1988. I am Ukrainian and live with my mother in the city of Almaty. We live together in our apartment!
I work as a fitness trainer. I think I have a super figure. and in the future you will see my figure.
And when is your birthday? Tell me! Since childhood I have been engaged in dancing and sports, I have always tried to keep myself in good shape! and i did it! I think that every girl should always look good, be smart and always be feminine!!!
I also studied at the university and got a high diploma !!!
Many of my friends and acquaintances already have happy families and children! I see them happy in marriage! I want to be happy too!
I am a very serious and decent woman and I want to build a serious relationship and a happy future! I really want to have mutual love in my heart, I want to enjoy love with my loved one!!!
I am ready for anything for the sake of true love, because without true love it is difficult for a person to live! What do you think
Yes, I understand that we are far apart, but I think that this is not a problem nowadays, just a few hours.
on the plane and we're already a few steps apart!
I don't think the distance is a problem for us!!! The main thing is to have a desire to meet !!!!
Yes, I forgot to say that I will be on vacation from work soon!
I have never been to your country but I want to go there!
I like constantly developing and seeing new things, learning new cultures.
I don't know much about you yet, but it's only a matter of time! Feel free to tell me how you live and what you like to do? I'm really looking forward to it and I'm very interested! I will send you some of my photos! I hope you will like them and have a smile on your face! I am very happy about our acquaintance and I am excited to see what will happen next! Looking forward to your reply, please email me soon, I will be waiting for it!
Sincerely your sweet and beautiful wife Angelina

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