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26. Mai 2022 um 20:47
Hello xxx

As you can see or notice I did send you this email from your own email address? Yes, that means I have full control of your device. I am aware you watch adult porn content  with under age teens and frequently send nude pictures to your lover. My Spyware have also recorded a video of you masturbating. I also have access to your address book I am happy to share these interesting videos with your contact address list and social media contacts too.

To Prevent this from happening, you need to send me now $2000(USD) in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet : 3BMqGt17yKThnbFzJfJ222WKpnjTUeCBSW

Quick tip: You can procure Bitcoin from Paxful. Use Google to find it

Once I receive the compensation (Yes consider it a compensation) I will immediately delete the videos, and you will never hear from me again. You have less than 72 hours to send the amount.I will receive a notification once this email is opened and the countdown will begin. I urge you not to Ignore this warning and do the Payment today

Anonymous X  

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