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Irina <>
03. Februar 2022 um 14:35
Hello, I am very happy to write a letter for acquaintance. I am very sorry if that email is bothering you. I'm alone and tired. My friends said me to try the internet to search for new man. I am sure it will be a very important period that can change my life. I have never used this way of acquaintance and so little confused what to do and write. If you are also will be interest in the continue in our conversation, I will be very pleased to see about you more. I really doubt that is need to write about myself in the first time. In a start I perhaps need to talk about my name - Iam Irina. I active, communicative, hardworking, open and sincere woman. I wish to find a kind, courageous, sincere, caring and loving man. These properties, I believe the most important, and I think it| is about you. If you are still interested, then I think that we can begin  dialogue that will make joyful both us. Write me as soon as possible, because I too would like to know about you, about your lifestyle and your mind. I also wish to see much your different pics. Therefore, I send you my pic. I hope you like it all and we can now more frequently and interesting dialogue. Sincerely, Irochka

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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 19:04:05 -0200
From: Princess Ira <>
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Grund: Scammer using Pictures by Sofya Ovcharova 

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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #1 - 03. Februar 2022 um 23:16
.... die ist seit Februar 2020 bekannt.
Für Stiray ... sollte Fitness Girl & Dentist Student Софья Овчарова (Константиновна)/Sofya Ovcharova from Barnaul sein

Anastasiya Purtova; <>
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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #2 - 04. Februar 2022 um 00:52
Das Bild wurde bei Sofya Ovcharova / Sofja Owtscharowa / Софья Овчарова (Константиновна) aus Barnaul geklaut.

Weitere Outings:

Anastasiya <> <>

Anastasiya <>


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