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Krestena <> <>
09. Oktober 2021 um 11:08
I am seeking of any earnest and suitable male off whom. I can produce a heavy binding. Which will be constantlyin touch and wont be lost next the maiden letter, however will go to compose to myself thick so we could have to see each other and obtain to have each other rather. I stay in Azerbaijan also I'm 30 years old, my name is Krestena. So if you are not ready to that, so you superiorly not respond to this notification. But when you're this one I'm seeking for next quickly I shall control my e-mail and detect out yours return. Krestenochka

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Re: Krestena <> <>
Antwort #1 - 09. Oktober 2021 um 13:01
I stay in Azerbaijan

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Re: Krestena <> <>
Antwort #2 - 09. Oktober 2021 um 19:17
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Die Bilder wurden bei Yana Suvazova / Jana Suwasowa / Яна Сувазова geklaut.

Wohnt in Jalta
Aus Donezk
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Re: Krestena <> <>
Antwort #3 - 14. Oktober 2021 um 20:23
dear happy to receive that joyful emotions when I see your answer,
I would like to ask how are you today?
This is Krestena, I'm sorry to delay my reply. I do not want to lose our
contact and communication, and I would like to tell you it's important,
if you see this message, please add my e-mail address to your list of
trusted contacts with your e-mail.
If suddenly you received this message in the spam folder in your mail,
you need to mark as "NOT SPAM" on this message so that you can always
see my answer in inbox messages. I wanted to write this to you right
away, because it is very important, it can happen, because this is my
personal e-mail. I am afraid that for some reason you might get it in
spam, I am writing this to you before I tell you more about me and write
you more. I will try to send you my photo, I hope to see your answer
soon and receive your confirmation that you still want to communicate
with me.
You know, I would very much like to continue talking with you and have a
great interest in our communication. I would be interested to know more
about you, to see more of your photos, to know more about the place
where you live. I hope you see this message and I want to wish you a
good day and a great mood.

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Subject: xxxxx
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Re: Krestena <> <>
Antwort #4 - 15. Oktober 2021 um 19:27
I am very glad that we started our communication. I hope that
you and I will be pleased to communicate and get to know each other
First of all, I would like you to understand that I take this
communication very seriously, so I hope and even ask that you also be
serious with me because I am not in the mood for empty communication, I
mean that I would like develop a serious relationship in the future. Of
course, first we need to get to know each other better. To do this, we
need to write to each other and not lose each other. I am very sorry
that here in my region, in my city, I cannot use the phone for
international calls, it is simply impossible, I live in a military
closed city. Therefore, I can only use my computer and mail to
communicate with you, so we could get to know us better. Of course, I
understand that sometimes you can be busy and will not answer me right
away, but I will be very glad if you try to write to me every day, or
you can warn me if you cannot write to me a lot on that day. I also ask
you to add my e-mail to you in the list of contacts, so that you do not
really lose me, unless of course you also seriously intend to take our
communication. Also, once I communicated with a friend by e-mail, she
lost my letters, but then she found my letter in the SPAM folder, and
subsequent letters got there. for this she simply made sure that all my
letters were not spam and moved them to the main INBOX folder, after
that she could always find all my letters in the main folder and we did
not lose each other. Therefore, I ask you to do the same if you see my
letter in the SPAM folder.
Now I would like to tell you not much about myself. As I said, my name
is Krestena. A beautiful but very calm and simple girl, I love going to
the gym, in this photo I attach to this letter. you can see for
yourself, of course I don't want to brag. I live in the Republic of
Azerbaijan in the city of Fuzuli, this is a closed military city of
Azerbaijan, I work in a military unit, in a military unit in our city,
as a Secretary. My age is 30, I have a higher education, I have never
been married and have no children. But of course in the future I would
like to create my own full-fledged family. As I said above that this is
only a small part about me, I am sure that you will have more questions,
and you will want to ask me about something, I promise that I will try
to answer, and say what interests you about me and mine. life. I would
also like to tell you that I live separately from my parents, my parents
live in another city, and I try to visit them more often, I only have a
sister who lives in another country, I have no brothers, I live my life,
work, at home , gym, walking in the evening, I like to breathe fresh
air, eat healthy foods, I like to monitor my health, have a healthy
Now I will finish this letter, I would not like to tire you with this
letter. I hope that in your next letter you will try and write me a
little more information about yourself, what you love and what you want
to tell yourself.
I beg you to take our communication very seriously and take me as a
serious girl. Then I think both of us will enjoy our communication.
I wish you the best mood your Krestena


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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 17:51:09 +0300
From: Krestena <>
To: xxxxx
Subject: xxxx
User-Agent: Roundcube Webmail/1.4.11
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Re: Krestena <> <>
Antwort #5 - 01. November 2021 um 21:51
my love xxxxx today the sun is shining through my window, now again
there is no one next to me, I am glad to open my mail and see that you
sent me a letter again, I see it and I am partly happy and I want to
smile and cry. But of course, I will smile all for our sake, my love,
because during this time I have become a very bright spot for you, and
you have become very close to me. As I wrote earlier, I received some
information regarding my possible trip to your country. Yes, I was a
little upset, because all this is not cheap, of course I have an
assumption that this trip will not be cheap, but I wanted to believe to
the end that suddenly there will be some kind of miracle, but I believe
in miracles. In any case, I would like to receive this information about
our meeting. Yes, below I will describe to you all the information of
the entire trip and the documents that I need to receive. As for the
documents in them there are no special problems, I will be able to
collect it for some time and I think that I can get permission to leave
the country without any problems.
Unfortunately, my love, as I have now learned and understood, I myself
will not be able to pay for this trip, because I have payments that I
still make, and I am very sad from all this. I work, I continue to work,
and at this time I cannot save so much, I cannot save it. Also today I
had the opportunity to meet with my superiors at work and I tried to
negotiate an advance payment, but unfortunately I was refused, now it
became even harder for me and my joy went somewhere. I feel that I am
starting to lose you and this makes me worse. As I told you earlier that
I set myself up for a meeting and was sure that we would immediately
move on, I would not want to stop all this now and postpone for later,
because I wanted it to be forever. Therefore, I am sure that if we now
start to postpone our meeting, then soon we may both just burn out, and
one day we will simply lose each other. I think that you probably want
to calm me down and assure me that you will never burn out and we will
be together, now I don't even know how to be and what to think, I am so
I thought a lot now and decided to take such a step, after I learned the
information about our meeting, this step for which I am a little ashamed
and unpleasant. This is important for me, everything that we talked
about in our letters, and I do not want it to remain just in words, so
that we really move on. Now I feel so bad and I feel so uncomfortable
because I need to write such words to you and I am ashamed to ask for
any help. I thought that if we want our meeting together, I could talk
to you about it.
Now we have a question about making a meeting for us, and after your
letter, I am even more convinced that this needs to be done now, because
it seems to me that I begin to feel that after my words, regarding
assistance in organizing the trip, you can cool down to me or you will
misunderstand me, and your feelings will fade a little towards me, now
it starts to bother me even more. Now I just want to say that in this
situation I will not be able to cope with my trip to you myself, I know
that my family, my parents will not be able to help, since they do not
have that kind of money. I understand that after these words of mine,
some unpleasant thoughts will arise in your head, if you knew that right
now I just want to fail on the spot, because I always considered myself
a strong and independent girl who can cope with my problems myself, but
now my role is some kind of beggar, it is humiliating and disgusting for
me, it hurt me to tears that I have to ask you about it, but you have to
understand how it feels to me now, from the fact that I have to write
all this to you. I'm really terribly hurt and I just want to evaporate.
I mean, you shouldn't have any doubts about me, never. I don't know what
kind of girls you have met in your life, but I will do everything to
show that I am an individual girl and have nothing to do with other
girls. I am an honest and sincere girl and I want to build our
relationship with you, so I tell you everything directly. And all I ask
is to believe me, otherwise everything that we talked about to each
other will mean that these are just empty words, but I can say for my
words that everything I wrote to you was sincere from the bottom of my
heart and these are one hundred percent not empty words, these are words
from my heart and soul, words specially intended for you. as I told you,
I have always considered myself a strong and independent woman who
solves all her questions and problems herself.
This is the information I received regarding a possible trip to your
country. This is the information I received regarding a possible trip to
your country. I was told that it is possible at this time to fly to you,
even with all the restrictions and during this pandemic, it will be
possible, but only with special documents. Since I live in a closed
military city, I will also have to prepare special certificates. And
special documents for leaving the country. I will have to prepare the
following documents, I will also write information about the cost:
medical insurance, a special certificate for departure from the country,
and also the necessary certificate of vaccinations - 384 euros
special travel documents (special visa, foreign passport) - 130 euros,
tickets (both ways) - 303 euros
total cost of the trip - 817 euros

These are the possible departure data on 1st of December:

Baku to Leipzig
Lufthansa • Wed, Dec 1
Departure4:45am - Baku

Heydar Aliyev Intl. (GYD)
5h 25m flightLufthansa 613
Economy/Coach (K)
Arrival7:10am - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Intl. (FRA)
Layover: 1h 55m in Frankfurt
Departure9:05am - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Intl. (FRA)
1h flightLufthansa 156
Airbus A319
Economy/Coach (K)
Arrival10:05am - Leipzig

Leipzig - Halle (LEJ)

I am ashamed to say that I cannot pay for my trip to you, I cannot save
or collect so much money, but in my head there are thoughts, we should
meet and be together, because after all these words, you can spoil your
thoughts a little about to me. I only ask you to help our meeting,
because our meeting with each other will show us that everything was not
in vain and we will both be happy when we see each other. I will ask you
again, can you help with organizing the trip in this matter? I can
assure you that I will be assisted in obtaining all special documents
and certificates for leaving the country, after which they will be able
to book a trip. They will do all the work for me. But they also warned
me that I could fly to you now, they cannot guarantee this later.
Therefore, if we postpone our meeting, then in the future I could not
fly to you, they cannot guarantee this. because they say there will be
restrictions on leaving the country again, and we must avoid that. Now
it would be possible for me to fly to you. If suddenly you help me in
this matter, then your money will strictly go to pay for the trip, the
necessary documents and tickets, and nothing else, if you agree, we will
discuss this, and then we will not waste time so that we are calmer and
we could be sure of our meeting. As I told you before, this is important
to me. I wrote all the letters to you only with the desire to see you
one day, now this is just that moment, I hope that you are serious. I
love you with all my heart and wish to be only with you forever, I would
like to stay with you as soon as I come to you. I very strongly ask you
to read this letter very carefully, because a lot depends on this letter
and also on you, and how you react to this letter will show your
attitude towards me and show what our future will be like. I send to you
my desire to be with you, all my love and care, and now with great
excitement I await some correct decision and your answer from you.
Yours forever, your love Krestena

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