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Elena <>
19. Februar 2021 um 20:33
Welcome! Mysterious the stranger, I wish the nobility, how much you wish to find and to begin acquaintance with new and class the girl? My name Elena. I hope, that you from me in delight. I wish to meet someone with whom my life will be quiet and fascinating. I very much interesting, opened and positive the girl. But I one now and I very much have got tired from it. Therefore I have addressed in marriage agency and have written to you the letter. Actually, I wish to meet adequate the man for serious relations and marriages in the future. My main objective - to find the beloved of all my life. I wish to believe, that you this man. I will be glad if we find common language, and our acquaintance - the most significant moment in our future. At present I do not know, as is strong you you are interested in continuation our correspondence, for this reason in more details I will let know about myself in the following letter. With impatience I wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience. Kiss, Lenochka.

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Grund: Scammer using Pictures by Sofya Ovcharova 

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #1 - 19. Februar 2021 um 21:18

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #2 - 20. Februar 2021 um 02:17
Das Bild wurde bei Sofya Ovcharova / Sofja Owtscharowa / Софья Овчарова (Константиновна) aus Barnaul geklaut.

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