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Maria <>
03. Januar 2021 um 16:08
Hi  !)))
What is your mood? I am glad that we get to know each other better and
we have a mutual understanding. I m sure you are not playing with me!
I m sad, I m very lonely. Many look at my appearance, not noticing my
inner world. For me, the main thing in man is the soul. Age and
appearance as a cover for me do not matter. I have a dream. I want to
have a family. I want to feel the care and affection of the beloved
man and hear the children s laughter in the house. Perhaps because of
my age, you think that I am still ready for family. But in my 26 years
I already know exactly what I want from life. The last letter I wrote
to you about my relationship is rather difficult. I would not like to
repeat it, what if we have a relationship with you? I want them to be
filled with joy and reciprocity. What about your holidays? I do not
have plans. It s pretty cold here. Summer would come soon. I m waiting
for my vacation to fly to your country for a couple of weeks. I
already save money. I have a passport, but it will expire soon. I do
not know how this procedure is going on with you, but here in Russia
this process takes almost a month. I think we will have fun. My laptop
is very old, as I wrote to you earlier, I plan to buy a good laptop
soon. Then we could chat with you on Skype. I think that the new phone
will also need to be purchased. I have a day off tomorrow, and my
friend and I are planning to go to some interesting movie. After we
will bake pizza!) I love to cook. I think that when I have a husband
in the future, I will feed him in “fatty” ha ha ha) I remember last
summer we went hiking with friends. We slept in tents, sat by the fire
at night, roasted meat. My friend s boyfriend played the guitar. In
the morning we cooked fish soup. This is such a fish soup on an open
fire. It is easy to cook, boil river fish with vegetables in broth,
then at the end add a little vodka if desired and put coal from the
fire. Coal, of course, will be removed later) Do you cook such a dish?
You know, if you and I began to communicate closely, you could visit
each other. The distance in our time is not a hindrance. The main
thing is to have a passport, time and money. I would be interested to
see your country, and you mine. Everything is real and depends only on
us. Right? You seemed to me an interesting person who is interested in
me, and not just in my body! I hope that our warm relationship will
eventually grow into something more. It is also very important for me
to be the only one. I know that you will most likely receive many
letters from other women from Russia or other countries. I made my
choice - it s you. I do not want to communicate with other men, I hope
that you also do not want to communicate with others. Of course, I do
not see anything bad in communicating with friends. But, to be honest,
I do not really believe in the friendship between me, a man and a
woman. I m waiting for your answer. Have a good time!
I hug you, Maria.

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Re: Maria <>
Antwort #1 - 03. Januar 2021 um 16:25
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From: Maria <>
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Re: Maria <>
Antwort #2 - 04. Januar 2021 um 00:14
Das Bild wurde bei Anna Sokolova / Anna Sokolowa / Анна Соколова aus Yoshkar Ola geklaut.

Дата рождения: 28 февраля 1918 г.
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