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Maria <>
14. Dezember 2020 um 11:39
Hello my new friend!
In addition to my native language, I speak in English. In what city
you live also what at you a full name? As you remember, my name is
Maria and I live in Rus. I am very glad, that you, nevertheless, have
answered my letter, and it means, that you are interested in me, and
it really is very pleasant. I hope, you liked my photo) If you do not
understand in English I ask you to take advantage of the online
translator, it is not difficult for finding by means of Google
View translation, therefore write only in English. Now I will tell a little
about myself. I live in the city of Norilsk, speak, know, where it? I
think, that if you wish to learn, you will find photos of my city in
the Internet without problems. In the street the present winter, very
coldly, blows a strong wind and simply blizzard, I not so love winter,
I prefer summer and heat but what to do, I here was born. To me of 26
years, my growth of 170 centimetres, my weight of 54 kgs, I the
sports girl, and at leisure I like to spend time on employment by
fitness or easier to walk. I also conduct a healthy way of life, I do
not drink and I do not smoke. I think, that in a life a lot of
interesting, I like to communicate with interesting people with whom
always is about what to talk. You are interested in sports? If yes,
what? Tell to me about the interests, I wish to learn you better, I
wish to understand for myself, that you for the person, write
everything, that consider it necessary. I also like to read different
books, I do not love a party, I do not love night clubs and vanity, I
the house girl, I like to prepare and receive visitors of the house. I
like to experiment meal, I like to prepare various dishes from the
different countries, and you love what meal?) that you like to eat
every day? Or it is very frequent... Tell to me) I simply wish to
notice, what I can write and speak in small English language and ask
you to answer me only in English, I hope, what it not a problem for
you?) I think, that you are very interested that I search in the
man!?) I search for kind, warm, gentle and romantic relations, I want
love, I wish to love and be favourite, I wish to give all I to the
beloved. Who knows, it can you?) excuse for my sarcasm. But today all
is possible, you agree? I wish to wake up in the morning and to see my
beloved nearby, to see its care and attention. To see its gentle hands
and kisses, to see and feel in me so much tenderness and love, I will
look for serious relations to construct a family, happiness, the house
loving centre) If you my photos interest only, and than more you ask
about my bared photos we do not compare each other, it means, that you
search for something else if it is better not to write to me. At
least, we only have started to communicate, and to ask the bared
photos somehow indecently, you agree?) I have intimate photos, but not
so, but it will be later if, of course, you suffer a little) And than
more I hear much about a deceit on the Internet, that people from the
different countries to ask a photo of girls to place them on the
forbidden resources, pornosites, and so on... (( I also read much,
that on the Internet it is a lot of deceit, that many girls from my
country, and not just from my country, ask money from men to arrive to
the country, and eventually simply disappear. I wish to tell, that I
not such, I the present girl, with the present feelings, not a forgery
and anything else, I search for real relations, serious relations, I
search for the present love and feelings, I hope, that you too! All
these negative emotions, which people describe about such histories,
not for me, and I hope, I really hope, that you compare me in them,
because I absolutely another, absolutely another. I the independent,
self-sufficient girl whom simply has not carried to meet the decent
man in the life, to meet the lover, I hope, that soon all will change,
and I will be happy. I will welcome, love and present so many my love,
tenderness and the most pleasant feelings for my unique favourite
person, my best and most reliable person. You know, your age is
absolutely not important for me, that for the person in me, what its
internal beauty, its private world, instead of the size of its purse
or success in a life. For me it is important, that with the man it was
comfortable, that it was reliable that I felt the most irreplaceable,
the most favourite and the most necessary every day to the life if
fairly is my dream! I think, what in this letter I will answer the
majority of your questions, and in the following letter I will tell to
you much more about myself, the hobbies and work, I hope, what to you
it is not boring?) I also send you some of my new photos, I think,
what it will be pleasant to you to see me more open, to see my eyes
and the general condition of my body, say, to you it it is pleasant?)
I will look forward to hearing from you, I wait for your letter,
reaction and the most beautiful and positive emotions. Do not keep me
waiting long... All right?)  Kiss you, Maria.

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From: Maria <>

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Re: Maria <>
Antwort #1 - 04. Januar 2021 um 00:07
Die Bilder wurden bei Anna Sokolova / Anna Sokolowa / Анна Соколова aus Yoshkar Ola geklaut.

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