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Irina <>
26. Juli 2020 um 15:58
Aus dem Nichts!

I think sometimes you just have to take the step! Step to meet! A step towards friendship. A step that can change your whole life. Teach something new, or let you know the life of another person. See the world, life with a completely different look. It's hard for me to start writing a letter first. I don't have much experience, and yet I did it. I would like to meet you. Why do you? I do not know myself. When I received your mail, I was told that you are a single man. And that you will be interesting to me! I was even surprised! How can a dating agency be so sure ?! And so that there is no not a pleasant moment, I will ask you personally, if you do not mind ?! You're lonely? Are you looking for communication, acquaintance, friendship or more? This is very important for me, because I would not want to inconvenience you, and I think that it would be so honest to hear from you personally, would you like to meet a woman from another country !? If you are not single, married, or you already have a woman, forgive me for writing to you. I won't write to you anymore. But if you would like to communicate with me, but at the same time you still have a girlfriend, or a wife, and no matter what kind of relationship you have with her, you don't need to write to me. I am in solidarity with women, and I think that it will not be right on your part, to communicate with the other when you already have a woman! Is not it? But if I was not deceived, and you are really lonely, and you are looking for communication, I would like to meet, then I will be glad if you answer me. And tell about yourself. You will send your photo, you will not tell a lot about your country and your city. I think it won't be bad for a start! And to be fair, I will send you my photo, and not much to tell about myself. I live in Azerbaijan. Christian woman, I am 39 years old, was not married and have no children. There are many hobbies, and I will not talk in detail now. But I'll tell you I like art, music, books. I often spend my free time outdoors, in the mountains. I think that this is enough for you to think whether to answer me or not. The choice is yours. And believe me, if you answer, I'll be glad of it. Best regards, Irina from Azerbaijan. 

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Irina from Azerbaijan.

Liegt etwas weit weg von YO!


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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #1 - 04. August 2020 um 17:58
Thank you for answering my letter xxx. I am glad to meet xxx. And as I understand it, you are interested to know who I am? What do I want? And why am I writing to you. I have already said a lot in my last letter. Making it clear that I am looking for communication, looking for a good man with whom I could communicate. Learn. And, perhaps …. I think it's too early to talk about it. And yet, I'm glad to see your letter. To which I will gladly answer now.
Forgot to ask! How are you? What is your mood? Hope you are doing well. And I will believe that your day is as beautiful as mine. Moreover, now I have very warm weather, good mood, and of course, there are many thoughts that I would like to write. Questions to which I would like to know the answers. And if you don't mind, then I'll start.
Who am I? True, sometimes I myself would like to know the truth to this question. But now I only know one answer. I am me. A woman who has been alone almost all her life. And who still believes there are good people in this world. It's true.
I am Irina! My main profession is a florist. But I also do my hair at home. What I don't think there is much to talk about and to pique your interest. And yet, I studied to be a child psychologist and have a university degree. And sometimes (usually from August to October, and from April to May), I have a part-time job at school. I am a freelance worker.
I live and work in the city of Sheki, this is Azerbaijan. This is not a big, small, quiet city. 300 kilometers from Baku. Do I need to talk about my city? It is a very beautiful, quiet, sweet city. Many people know each other. And that makes it safe. I can walk freely late at night, knowing that nothing will happen to me. This is true, and there is all the charm of life in such cities. And sunsets and sunrises, against the background of mountains, it is very beautiful. And I think that such things defy description in words, this is a must see !!!
But if you would like to know more, you can look on the internet. Or ask me. Personally, I will look at all the information about your city on the Internet. Moreover, as I know, I can even “walk” around your city thanks to Google. It is wonderful!
And now I will not tell much more about myself. I am 39 years old. My birthday is October 8th! I was not married and I have no children. Why do you ask? It's hard to answer! I will not say banal excuses that there is no good man next to me, or that I have not found a worthy one. I just don't know why I didn't find anyone. Many showed signs of attention to me, but I do not feel for them any desire to communicate, or build relationships. Just most of the men who would like to have a relationship with me are Muslims. And it probably stops me. I am a Christian, and I know for sure that if I marry a Muslim, he will demand that I change my faith to his faith. But this is wrong! My faith is my decision. And how do you think? And for this, I can be friends, communicate with such men, but I do not see any other relationship with them.
But still, the fact of loneliness pushed me to this, not much insane act, to write a letter to you. I understand what I am doing. I think there is no point in lying and saying that this is the first time I have communicated in letters. Not. I have already tried to communicate with a man from another country. And in this case, I can say for sure that my past communication caused me a lot of negative perceptions about men from other countries. I began to receive many letters, and almost everyone was inclined only to carnal pleasures, and the desire to see my naked body! I hope this does not happen now. Because if your goal is only in this, to have a written novel, and you ask me for naked photos, then you better not answer me again. Because you will be wasting your time! I'm sorry to say so, openly, but it's true. You don't need to think that I am looking for a man for the sake of money, or in order to escape from my country! Not. I have already said that I am looking for communication, and maybe! POSSIBLY! I can find a man for a relationship!

When I took your mail from a dating agency. I was told that you are lonely, that you are looking for a woman, and that you are normal! Believe me, it is important that you are normal! And while it sounds funny, I really hope I haven't been fooled. If you knew how tired I am of letters from perverts who send photos, or write very vulgar words. I'm tired of deleting them. And block.
I think it's enough to talk about one problem. Moreover, I am telling about myself, so that you can get to know me and understand me no better. And the main thing is to decide whether you need to answer further !?
My hobbies. I read a lot and try to use books rather than electronic ones. I love music, walks. Classics, popular songs of yesteryear, and new pleasant music.
How do I write you a letter? My knowledge of English is not perfect! I'm using a translator to write you a letter. And yet, I can speak, and do not understand poorly, English. I also don't speak much German. Where did I study all this ?! I already said I love reading! And whatever you think, sometimes I am not using. interpreter. There are sentences that I cannot translate.
In general, I am nothing to stand out and not special. I do not smoke, and I do not like to drink alcohol a lot. Sometimes I go in for sports.
Traveled. Was several times in Turkey, and once in Europe. Once in Russia and in Georgia.
This is not a complete story about me, but I think it will be enough for you to start.
With regard to communication, first I would like to get to know you, understand you, and only then talk on the phone, or use a video call. I hope that you yourself are not against this decision.
My height is 167 centimeters, weight is about 54-55 kilograms, but I haven’t gotten on the scales for a long time, and therefore, I could be wrong. Maybe even less .. I'm Libra. Calm, not stupid, and just normal. At this moment I even smile when I write this to you. It's just always weird and even a little difficult to describe yourself. Can you just tell about yourself?
And at the end of my letter, I want to tell you that I am serious. I will not look at age (these are just years, time spent on earth). I will not look at the exterior. I want to see your personality. It's important for me. And I hope that you will also try to discern my personality. And not just my photos. Nature did not offend me with its appearance, but also gave me intelligence. That's what I appreciate! "Appearance, it is only a shell, even under the peel of an orange there are worms" (quote).
And if we succeed, I will not ask or demand anything from you. I am not asking for money, and I am not sending it myself. I was already deceived, and now I am a lot more careful!
I think I can arrange our meeting myself. Moreover, I already know what is needed for this.

I hope I haven't missed anything important, what should I have told you? If you missed it, you tell me and I will answer!
Have a nice day xxx! And good mood.

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Mail über Kanada Smiley

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Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 15:09:53 +0300

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