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Die spinnen, die Scammer!

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Yuliya <>
05. Januar 2020 um 20:17
Wiedermal aus dem Nichts!

Hi there,
I am Yuliya, i am just thirty-three years of age. 
I enjoy to spend time camping and a lot of physical activities.
I wish to locate my lasting love in my life.
A key thing to me is evidently
true love and shared comprehension.
I found your page,
and think you're interesting,
so I need to examine you more and discover some more details regarding who exactly you are.
Ideally, i trapped your curiosity also. this is my mail write to me !
Plan to obtain an email from you in the near future. 

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Subject: [SPAM] Goodbye

Über Italien!

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Auf RS gefunden!



Hab sie mal gefragt, wo sie wohnt, dann kann sie bald die frische Luft genießen. Trotz alldem: Diese Person ist freigegeben!
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Re: Yuliya <>
Antwort #1 - 06. Januar 2020 um 10:31
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