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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #2 - 25. April 2019 um 15:36
Hello, my beloved xyz!
I'm happy to see your letter! I feel that we will be together soon! And I believe that we will be happy!
Thank you for your photos. Thank you! I am very happy because you like my photos. Thank you!
And I'm glad you promised your parents.
And I should always be able to contact my parents.
And thank you for understanding that it's important to me ...
I will send you a word to my parents. And I think they will be happy to hear your words Smiley
And thank you for looking after me and helping me in full. Thank you!
I also hope that in the future my friend will find a man in his country.
And now I want to give you important information, I learned everything about our meeting.
Nina said that I should do: a visa, passport, medical insurance and other documents.
For paperwork I have to go to Astana. It is the capital of Kazakhstan! All necessary documents will be ready within 10-15 days after payment.
Nina will help to prepare these documents in an expedited process. And she will help at all stages of paperwork.
I can be in your country for 90 days, but if you want, I can go home earlier than 90 days.
And also, if we decide to marry during these 90 days, I can stay with you forever. I hope that you understand me ...
It seems to me that such an opportunity only happens once in a lifetime!
My love, I do not know how to tell you. I am very embarrassed in front of you. Can I count on your help?
I will have to face high costs. I need 360 euros to register all necessary documents.
If you help me tomorrow, I will go to Astana immediately and start to make documents!
I fully understand that it is big money. But I have no one to rely on, that's why I have to ask for help.
When we are together, I will be looking for a job by profession and I will devote myself completely to our happy future. I swear!
Nina told me that there is a fast and secure way to transfer money between countries.
My love, you can send money using international money transfer systems.
For example, Western Union or Money Gramm. I'm sure you can help me with one of these international money transfer systems.
To this end, you must know the information from me: 1) My full name - Olga Gorbaneva. 2) My country - Kazakhstan.
To get money, I will need to know the information from you: 1) Your name and surname. 2) The city from which money was sent.
3) Secret transfer number. This number will be on the receipt, which you will receive from the operator.
Without this information, I will not be able to get money. I hope that you understand me.
I love you and we will be together, I'm sure. I dream about our meeting at the airport.
I am sure that I will be crying during our meeting. But do not worry, it will be tears of happiness!
I dream about how we will live together, how we will walk along the street and hold hands.
We will dance together, watch movies, go to the cinema or restaurant.
I think we will have many romantic moments! I really believe that we will be a happy couple!
I love you and miss you xyz! Please, let's fulfill our dream!

Your love Olga. Forever!

PS - i finish today. And I'm a little worried ... Maybe I forgot to say something ...
If you forget, remind me ... okay?
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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #1 - 30. April 2019 um 17:12
Die Bilder wurden bei Yulenka Marasanova / Julenka Marasanowa / Юленька Марасанова aus Yoshkar Ola geklaut.

Julia Marasanova / Yuliya Marasanova / Юлия Марасанова

Flugtickets von 2014 und 2015 wurden unter dem Namen Iuliia Morozova ausgestellt.

November 2018 war sie noch mit Aleksey Russin / Алексей Руссин aus Yoshkar Ola liiert.

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Olga <>
29. April 2019 um 20:07
Hello, my beloved xxx. I'm glad I received your letter again.
Thank you again for your picture. And thanks for the compliments for my photo.
I congratulate you on the occasion of Easter, my family and my girlfriend.
I also hope that we will spend next Easter holidays together.
You are an inseparable part of my life, my love. I'm talking about it very seriously and consciously!
I represent our meeting and can not wait for the moment when we meet at the airport!
My love, I want it so much! I swear!
I am the happiest woman in this world because we met! !
I want to report good news again. Last night, we called my mother's friend. Mom explained her situation.
Aunt Nina (her friend's name) wrote down all the important details and promised to help as soon as possible.
So soon will give me all the necessary information for our meeting .. I think that's good news
As soon as I find out what is needed for our meeting, I will inform you immediately. okay?
After talking with Aunt Nina, the whole family was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and talking ..
Mom and dad are very happy to be together. They are my parents and they wish me luck ...
And of course they will miss me. But they understand that I have to build my happiness ...
I made a promise to them yesterday. When I collect in your country, I often call them.
In the future, we will buy a computer for my parents so that I can stay in contact with them as often as possible.
I also promised to visit my parents, at least once a year ...
Or maybe in the future they will be able to visit us with you ... Mom and dad were happy that they heard it ...
I hope you agree with me and I hope that you will support my promise 

Then I called my friend. She is happy for us! She really wishes us happiness!
She will also be bored, but I promised her that I would contact her often
I confessed yesterday. Now she started thinking about finding a man in your country
And I will be happy if she too finds happiness

My love, now I have to finish this letter. I will wait for your answer.
I want to be with you forever, I love you and I miss you without your love!
My heart belongs only to you and it will always be yours! I swear !!!
I hope that we will gather all our strengths and soon we will be together with my love.

I think only about you xxx!
I want to be with you as soon as possible!

Your Olga forever !!!

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