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Ekaterina <>
13. Oktober 2018 um 12:37
Good day!
Today I received your first letter. I am very glad to see a letter from you I have a desire to know you better. I ask you to write to me as much as possible about yourself. I would be pleased if you sent me your picture. I'll send you my picture. Now I tell you a little about myself, that you knew who I was. My name is Ekaterina.
Now I'm full 30 years old. I was born on the 22nd of March. I live in Russia, not far from the city of Kazan, in the village Chebaksa. It's about 30 hours drive from Kazan. I do not have parents.
I grew up in boarding school number 11 in Kazan, Sovetsky district. My parents I will never see. And I do not know anything about them. The Internet did not say anything about my parents.
I tried to find out, but could not find out anything. No brothers, no sisters, no close ones. After boarding, the state allocated me a room and paid my education.
I do not like to think of the Internat. It was in the past.
I received a secondary special education, on the make-up artist make-up artist. And so she passed special training for the master of permanent make-up In other words, I professionally grimiruyu artists and actors, and also do professional make-up. I work in the theater of fashion and variety. And so professionally I do permanent make-up. I studied this for a long time. I have no children of my own. But I want to have my own child. But one thing I know for sure! I like kids!
I can not find a good person for myself in my city. All that men want from me is just sex, without obligations.
Now I decided to try to find a person on the Internet. I was advised to do this as a colleague at work. I decided to try. In my spare time from work I like to read romantic books.
Sometimes at home I listen to music that soothes me, I like listening to classical music and pop music. I like Russian performer, Natalie!
Natalie - Oh my God, what a man!
Sometimes I go to a theater or a movie with my friends. I have many good friends, most of whom work with me. I like doing sports. Three times a week I go to the gym for a program ABS Stretch. 
I like to keep myself in good shape. In good weather I like to go out with friends to nature, we spend a lot of fun there. But it happens very rare. And now I want to ask you some questions. I hope that you will be honest with me: Why did you decide to find a friend on the Internet? You can not find a loved one in your town? How long have you been looking for a girl online?
It is important for me to know: how old are you? what city do you live in ? What is your full name? Could you give me your mobile phone number? And I want you to write all about yourself in detail. Now I am finishing this letter, I will look forward to your reply. Another time I will try to tell about myself and about my life. And I'll send you more of my photos.
Your new girlfriend
Your friend Ekaterina.

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #1 - 13. Oktober 2018 um 14:58
Externe Outings:


Spoiler für Fakeprofile mit ihren Bildern in sozialen Netzwerken:
Yulia Vorontsova / Юля Воронцова
Alena Ivanova / Алена Иванова
Olexandra Brutska / Олександра Бруцька
Danuta Martynkevich / Данута Мартынкевич
Anastasia Kvartirkina / Анастасия Квартиркина
Yulia Kuznetsova / Юлия Кузнецова
Anna Zontag / Анна Зонтаг
Snezhanna Denisovna / Снежанна Денисовна

Das Bild wurde bei Model und Fotografin Alena Tsikava / Алёна Цикава aka Alena Shaposhnikova / Алена Шапошникова aus der Ukraine geklaut.

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #2 - 30. Mai 2020 um 21:47
Scammer ist auf Entdeckertour und möchte seine Bilder gelöscht haben. Entsprechender "Antrag" ging heute bei uns ein. 
Kurios ist nur, das Thema ist sein Oktober 2019 ruhig und Scammer verschleiert sein "Anliegen" über Ukraine-Emailadresse und IP ..... also nicht aus Yola.
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