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Ekaterina <>
13. Oktober 2018 um 12:37
Good day!
Today I received your first letter. I am very glad to see a letter from you I have a desire to know you better. I ask you to write to me as much as possible about yourself. I would be pleased if you sent me your picture. I'll send you my picture. Now I tell you a little about myself, that you knew who I was. My name is Ekaterina.
Now I'm full 30 years old. I was born on the 22nd of March. I live in Russia, not far from the city of Kazan, in the village Chebaksa. It's about 30 hours drive from Kazan. I do not have parents.
I grew up in boarding school number 11 in Kazan, Sovetsky district. My parents I will never see. And I do not know anything about them. The Internet did not say anything about my parents.
I tried to find out, but could not find out anything. No brothers, no sisters, no close ones. After boarding, the state allocated me a room and paid my education.
I do not like to think of the Internat. It was in the past.
I received a secondary special education, on the make-up artist make-up artist. And so she passed special training for the master of permanent make-up In other words, I professionally grimiruyu artists and actors, and also do professional make-up. I work in the theater of fashion and variety. And so professionally I do permanent make-up. I studied this for a long time. I have no children of my own. But I want to have my own child. But one thing I know for sure! I like kids!
I can not find a good person for myself in my city. All that men want from me is just sex, without obligations.
Now I decided to try to find a person on the Internet. I was advised to do this as a colleague at work. I decided to try. In my spare time from work I like to read romantic books.
Sometimes at home I listen to music that soothes me, I like listening to classical music and pop music. I like Russian performer, Natalie!
Natalie - Oh my God, what a man!
Sometimes I go to a theater or a movie with my friends. I have many good friends, most of whom work with me. I like doing sports. Three times a week I go to the gym for a program ABS Stretch. 
I like to keep myself in good shape. In good weather I like to go out with friends to nature, we spend a lot of fun there. But it happens very rare. And now I want to ask you some questions. I hope that you will be honest with me: Why did you decide to find a friend on the Internet? You can not find a loved one in your town? How long have you been looking for a girl online?
It is important for me to know: how old are you? what city do you live in ? What is your full name? Could you give me your mobile phone number? And I want you to write all about yourself in detail. Now I am finishing this letter, I will look forward to your reply. Another time I will try to tell about myself and about my life. And I'll send you more of my photos.
Your new girlfriend
Your friend Ekaterina.

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #1 - 13. Oktober 2018 um 14:58
Externe Outings:


Spoiler für Fakeprofile mit ihren Bildern in sozialen Netzwerken:
Yulia Vorontsova / Юля Воронцова
Alena Ivanova / Алена Иванова
Olexandra Brutska / Олександра Бруцька
Danuta Martynkevich / Данута Мартынкевич
Anastasia Kvartirkina / Анастасия Квартиркина
Yulia Kuznetsova / Юлия Кузнецова
Anna Zontag / Анна Зонтаг
Snezhanna Denisovna / Снежанна Денисовна

Das Bild wurde bei Model und Fotografin Alena Tsikava / Алёна Цикава aka Alena Shaposhnikova / Алена Шапошникова aus der Ukraine geklaut.

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