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Ksenia <>
21. September 2018 um 07:29
Aloha my great friend gives me great pleasure to write a letter for friendship. I am very sorry if my email is very bothering you. I am single and weared to live. Some of my friends told me to try the internet to search for new friend. I'm believe it will be a very significant period that can change my life. I never used this kind of dating and so little confused what to do. If you are also will be interest in the continue in our conversation, I will be pleased to know about you more. I really doubt that is need to tell about me in the first letter. In a start I perhaps need to tell about my name - Iam Ksenia. I active, sociable, industrious, open and genuine girl. I want to meet a kindly, brave, honest, caring and loving man. These properties, I find the most important, and I think it is about you. If you are still interested, then I think that we can begin a great chat that will make glad both of us. Write me as soon as possible, because I too would like to know about you, about your lifestyle and your mind. I also want to see much your different fotos. Therefore, I attach you my picture. I hope you like it all and we will now more often and interesting to talk. All the best, Kseniulya!

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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 01:01:06 +0200
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