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Nargiz <>
12. September 2018 um 20:22
How are you doing today xxxxx? How is your mood? I hope you're all right? Today my mood is much better, because I see your answer to my first letter. And I hope that you are really interested in further relations and correspondence with me. Today I am writing my new letter from my personal electronic mailbox.

I understand that I must write a more detailed letter. And, at the same time, I want to be sure that I correctly understood your answer to my first letter. I want to be sure that you are really interested in communicating with me, in getting to know me better and also so that I can learn more about you. Because I believe that this will be the best way to develop our acquaintance into something more serious. I will not hide it and will tell you right away that my main goal is to find the man with whom I will spend my entire life. The only one I will love, take care and get reciprocated.

Before I wrote this letter, I thought for a while about what to write in this letter, how to write it and what I would like to tell you first. And I decided that this letter would also not be very large. I will write here only basic information about me so that we can better understand and represent each other.

As I said, my name is Nargiz. My age is 25, my birthday is 17 October. I live in the country of Azerbaijan, it is located in the eastern part of Transcaucasia on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is an absolute independent country. I will tell you more about my country in my next letters.

At this stage of my life, I realized that I was very tired of being alone. And I can not call life alone a real life. I believe that this is just an existence that does not make sense. Also having some sad experience with local men from my country, I realized it would be very difficult to meet my fate here. So I decided to look for a man from another country. For this, I applied to a local dating agency. This dating agency receives contact information from single people from various sources. They have international dating sites as partners. Also use information from various newspapers that specialize in helping single people find love. So I got your contact email. I paid a little money for the services of this dating agency, they made for me the email from which you received my first short letter. And now, when I saw your answer, I came to the Internet cafe and created a new email myself. So I am writing you now with a new address and I hope that this will not be a problem for you? I have a premonition that you are the person who will have a serious impact on my life. Maybe you'll be the man I'm looking for. Or we will be good friends in the end, who can easily talk on any topic and always support each other. Only time will show it.

A little bit about my life. I was born in an ordinary family. My parents have long retired, I live separately from them, in another city. I have an education, such as an accountant. I work not in this specialty, I work as an administrator in one of the local restaurant-bar. I like an active lifestyle. Most of the time, I spend at home reading books, listening to music or doing household chores. Sometimes I have meetings with friends. I have only a few close friends. They are all girls. All my friends tell me that I look much younger than my real age. I think it's very good when a woman looks younger than her actual age. So in this letter, I would like to tell you that for me the age difference does not matter. I always adhered to the opinion that the difference in age can not be the reason for the separation of two people. These are just numbers that will never be a hindrance to my communication with a person or the relationship with him. In my opinion I am a very modest and homely girl. I do not really like big noisy companies. I have never traveled abroad, but one day I would very much like to do it.

Unfortunately, writing letters by e-mail is the only way to communicate with you right now. I have a mobile phone, but, unfortunately, it only works inside my country and does not accept incoming calls from abroad. In addition, to write you a letter, I use the services of an Internet cafe. Therefore, I can not spend much time on social networks as Facebook or some instant messengers. But I promise you, if our relationship will develop well, I can find a way to call you on the phone. But first I want to get to know you better. Due to the slow speed of the Internet, I can not spend much time in the Internet cafe, communicating in various social networks such as Face Book or various messengers. Therefore, I never registered with this. In my country, the Internet has a very slow speed, so for example using Skype - it's almost not real at this speed of the Internet. I hope that you are not afraid of this, and we will be able to continue our communication.

I very much hope that in your next letter, you will also tell me a little more about yourself and life in your country, about your interests. It will be great if you send me your photos. This is my letter is not very big, because I want to see if you have a real interest in further communication with me, or maybe you do not have any serious relationship for any kind of love relationship. So I hope to see the answer from you!

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 15:50:09 +0200

I live in the country of Azerbaijan

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